Warrior Attitude to Training and Nutrition

Warrior Attitude to Training and NutritionI’m sick and tired of what I see. Take a look around. I don’t know what situation is in your country/city, but chances are that you see the same picture. I’ll tell you what I see here in Ukraine. Almost everyone drinks alcohol in excessive amounts and daily. I won’t be far from truth if I say that every 2 out of 3 people here are alcoholics. I have nothing against drinking in moderation, but when people crap in their pants because they are so drunk, it is not right.¬†Almost everyone smokes cigarettes daily. Almost everyone smokes weed. Almost everyone drinks energy-drinks daily. And it’s considered normal here. I see weak fat people everywhere. Everyone who tells you otherwise about this country is fucking hypocrite.

However, I used word ‘almost’ with purpose. When people get reality check and realize that they are weak fat maggots, they decide to start ‘healthy’ eating. They believe all the marketing hype, they don’t eat after 6PM, they don’t eat fried food, they don’t eat fats or carbs etc., but at the same time they still drink alcohol, energy drinks, smoke and sleep for 3-4 hours per day, because all their time is devoted to social networks surfing. Of course, this approach doesn’t work and they decide to go to gym. Sales managers sell them gym memberships¬†they don’t really need. These people are full of motivation. They think that if they destroy themselves in the gym for 2-3 hours per day (which in reality is low-intensity machine shit and endless treadmill crap) they will get ‘in shape’ in several weeks. Of course, they get another reality check.

Most of them create excuses for themselves at this point. They say: “I’ve tried it all. It doesn’t work for me!” after couple of weeks. Smarter ones understand that they are wasting their time. They buy personal training services. The first right decision. However, here comes another problem: not every personal trainer is good. Intelligent trainer that knows what he’s doing, ‘practices what he preaches’, educates himself daily is one in a million. But that’s not all. Even when these weak fat people get to such trainer, chances are that they won’t get results because of lack of discipline and laziness. They think if they got brilliant trainer, then results will follow by themselves. You need to put in HARD WORK if you want results! Seems like no one understands this nowadays. That is why I see women that are stronger than men. People that sell themselves for ultra-convenience they don’t need. Ignorance, stupidity, immaturity and idleness. That is what I see.

Get a Warrior Attitude

What I mean by warrior attitude? I mean not being a weak fat pussy. Take charge of your life. Remember, you (and only you, not anyone else) are the one who is responsible for your current strength, look and life. You probably don’t possess the worst genetics in the world and you are not doomed to be fat and weak. Get a warrior attitude to life, training and nutrition!

Don’t like your job? Quit. Find something you like to do.

Don’t like your relationship? Make it better. Can’t? Don’t waste another person’s life.

Want to look awesome? Get to the gym.

Don’t have time or money for the gym? Fuck that, get your own! Buy a pair of kettlebells.

Expensive? Make a sandbag. I’ve got my recent sandbag for under $5.

Don’t have sand? Fill it with something else. Fill it with rice, peas whatever.

Don’t have time to make it? Train with your bodyweight.

Don’t know how? Get help from an expert.

Don’t have money? Read RoughStrength.com, educate yourself, read books.

“But will I get results just from training?” Yes.

Want more? Get a diet. You can get pretty cheap decent diet with some planning and calculating.

“But I can’t sleep 8+ hours a day?” Make time.

Still don’t have? Fuck it. Go with it. I’ve seen people get results on 5 hours of sleep per day. And I mean increase in strength, muscle and fat loss. Of course, results will come at much slower pace but if you make everything right, you’ll get them. This is what matters. Be a man. Don’t be afraid to make decisions and go against the grain.

Why I Like Calisthenics?

Because they cultivate this warrior attitude in you unintentionally. I’ll describe what I mean. When I train my bodyweight exercises, it’s like battle with myself. Everything around doesn’t matter anymore. Everything that matters at this time is my mind, my body and resistance. The place where I train becomes my sacred cave. The place where I get stronger. And the beauty of bodyweight strength training is in fact that this place can be anywhere. Every time I get one more rep or one more set – it is a victory. Every time I don’t get stronger just makes me hungrier to obtain this strength. And with every little victory I get more mental strength and stability,¬† more understanding of my body, more control on life. You get the idea.

Calisthenics are actually a little bit harder at visualization of resistance. With weights everything is simple. Here are 180 kg. You need to pick them up from the floor. With bodyweight everything is a little trickier. But once you get understanding of how your body moves through space you get something more than just ability to lift heavy weights. Calisthenics give you freedom in training and movement. However, don’t be afraid to mix them with weights.

Why I Like Intermittent Fasting?

Again, because of warrior attitude cultivation. You need warrior discipline to go without eating. You need warrior discipline to deal with hunger. You need warrior discipline to say no to everyone who tries to break your fast without your desire. Intermittent fasting gives you freedom from constant worrying about food and meals. Yes, you’ll still need to make your diet work but with intermittent fasting it will be a lot easier. You can eat like a king even on calorie-restricted diet. Intermittent fasting gives you mental strength to move through obstacles.

Closing Thoughts

We live in tough times. We can have all the information we want through the internet, but we are too lazy to read, we can fly to another continent in less than 24 hours, but we are too lazy to take stairs instead of elevator, we can get strength and body we want, but we are too lazy to start. Don’t be one of such pity majority. Be a warrior, take from life what you deserve and nothing less. Thanks for reading. Subscribe, like, share and enjoy!

Play rough!


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3 thoughts on “Warrior Attitude to Training and Nutrition

  1. blogue

    Hitting up an older post. I read a lot of workout/nutrition blogs, but I have never commented on one before. I felt compelled to in this case because this is probably one of the best posts I’ve ever read on not only workout philosophy but life in general. This is a great read after a bad day of dealing with whiney ass people. Keep it up.

  2. Chris

    This is good..I have been feeling this way for a long time and people have called me obsessive and cynical for it. But this is how man is meant to live. This is how people are supposed to deal with their lives. I just discovered your site today, and will be coming back regularly from now on.


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