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6 Biggest Diet Flaws

Vince GirondaThere are more than ever “diet-conscious” people nowadays. Funny thing that there are also more than ever fat people nowadays. There are several reasons for that, which I don’t want to discuss right now. The thing I’d like to address is that people concentrate on small picture ignoring the big one. What if I tell you that all those “diet” or “low-fat” foods and drinks are not the answer to your fat loss? In many cases they just slow down your progress. I often get questions like these:

“Is rye bread better than wheat?”

“What if I add freshly-squeezed lemon juice to my meal?”

“How many pieces of grapefruit should I eat per day for optimal fat loss?”

Stop it. You’re just wasting your and my time. None of this stuff matters. It just pisses me off. Minor tweaks work only if the big picture is in check. So in this article I’d like to share with you my version of what are the biggest diet flaws. Continue reading

Random Thoughts on Rough Strength Training

Bill Pearl PosingToday I’d like to post some things that I came across in my mind. Nothing fancy. Just thoughts on training-nutrition-restoration mix. So…

Drink a lot of water.

I know, it was stated millions of times. But anyway. Drink a lot of water. And I mean A LOT. It’s the best thing you can do to boost your fat loss and productivity. Water gives you energy. But how? Water has zero calories. Remember that human consists of water to 70-80%? That’s how. When I keep myself hydrated I always feel and uplift in energy levels. Even more. When I’m hungry but can’t eat for some reasons that don’t depend on me I drink water and hunger goes away. It’s very important. Secondly, when you don’t drink enough water your body engages survival mode and begins to store liquid. It’s negative phenomenon for your appearance goals because you will actually look fatter while you actually won’t be. So by drinking enough water you will improve your look through decrease in water retention. How much to drink? Read on. Continue reading

BarStarzz, Paul Wade, Supplements, Kettlebells and Sandbags Q&A

Recently I found that there are a lot of search queries in form of questions that lead to RoughStrength.com. So I decided to go further and actually answer those queries. So here they are.

Do BarStarzz lift weights?

No. You can check out my interview with Edward Checo of BarStarzz here. He stated there loud and clear that they workout strictly through calisthenics. Check out the whole interview for details. Also there’s BarStarzz DVD coming out soon. Check it out.

Does Paul Wade exist? Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Heavy Squat

Quick Fixes, Cheating and Consistency: The Great Secret

Strength training always was (and will be) a place for secrets. Secret routines, secret supplements, secret exercises, you name it. It’s all about human psychology. Everybody needs secrets to believe in. You can create an ordinary routine. Nobody will even notice it. Add “secret” to the label and BAM, it will immediately become something that people desire to know. Same thing with every aspect of training, nutrition and restoration. Secret foods, secret sleep tactics. People need secrets.

There is only one secret… Continue reading

Reg Park

Supplements: Do You Really Need Them?

The buzz about supplements nowadays is hilarious in my opinion. You can read about them everywhere.

“Gain 20 pounds of lean muscle with our brand new protein!”

“Scientifically approved supplement will scorch your fat away in 4 weeks! Especially in the belly region!”

“Only our NO-booster will give that skin-tearing pump, and your arms will grow bigger and 900% faster!”

How many times have you heard that? Some of the claims are pretty ridiculous. However, people believe those claims again and again supporting supplement manufacturers. It’s business after all.

But What’s the Problem with Supplements? Continue reading