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Volume/Intensity/Frequency Relationship in Strength Training

Reg Park - Strength Training LegendVolume, intensity, frequency. The basics of proper programming in strength training. Obviously, if your program doesn’t deliver results you expect, then you screwed up in one of these three. Of course, assuming that you already made training resistance¬†progressively harder over time.¬†Seems that people nowadays have no idea how to find right and, importantly, proper balance between volume, intensity and frequency. So if these three strength training variables are so important, then how can you mix them right? This article will explain you how. But at first you need brief overview of what volume, intensity and frequency are.

Training Volume

In couple of words, training volume is amount of work done. It can be measured in different ways. For example, training volume can be estimated in total reps per exercise, in total amount of sets per training session, in total amount of weight lifted in exercise per training session, in total amount of sets or reps per day or per week, or per year etc. Proper training volume is regulated by recovery ability of the person and his/her goal. Continue reading