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10 Rapid Fire Ideas to Boost Your Gains

Rough Strength Rapid Fire IdeasThere is a whole gamut of ideas fighting in my head every day. So, I decided to pick the best ones I came up with lately and to write an article about them. Everybody loves ideas and lists, right? Let’s go.

1. Confidence Sets

If you are not wasting your training time on useless crap and have worked up to some heavy ass weights in your compound exercises, then you should have been scared to lift that amount of weight at least once. Self-doubt is normal at this point. This is our brain’s self-defense function. Anyway, this is when confidence sets come really handy. Continue reading

The Main Benefit of Strength Training

Franco Columbu DeadliftStrength training is a powerful tool. I’m brave enough to say that strength training is the most powerful tool every human has in his arsenal. I, obviously, love it and everything that is connected. It has tons of applications. Do you want to get strong? Try strength training. Do you want to build muscle? Try strength training, kid. Do you want to get ripped? Have you heard about strength training? Strength is the key to everything as we discussed in this interview. You need strength. You are nothing without it. And you are everything if you have strength. Continue reading