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How to Substitute Exercises Like a Pro

Stacked Kettlebell Clean

People often ask me different variations of the same question: “How can I substitute this exercise for something else?”. You may also be in such situation (and, additionally, I get really bored to type the same thing over and over), that is why I decided to address this problem with whole article. Besides, I have couple of interesting things to tell (or not).

Who Is This Article for?

This information is for people that fall into one of the following categories:

  • You travel and often find yourself in sub-optimal environment for strength training (gyms with 2 kg dumbbells);
  • You want to use certain training implement, but don’t want to screw your program up;
  • You want to try certain program, but don’t have all the necessary implements;
  • You are just curious.

First of all you need to understand… Continue reading