Rough Strength Ultimate Training Playlist

Rough Strength Training PlaylistAccording to the latest research, training with cool music can give you up to 42% performance boost. Well, OK, I made this up, but in my experience, this statement is true. Training with proper music makes all exercises ridiculously easier. You just feel pumped up and can do much more than usual. With right music, you can achieve that state of being unstoppable.

Of course, if you are some kind of a monk and you despise anything but training in silence, then you will find nothing useful in this article. However, if you like to train with music but struggling to find a proper soundtrack to your diesel gains, then you are in a right place, my friend. Let me give you some options (in no particular order).

Here We Go

1. AC/DC – Highway to Hell

2. KEN Mode – No; I’m in Control

3. Led Zeppelin – How Many More Times?

4. Kyuss – Hurricane

5. Moderat – Bad Kingdom

6. Every Time I Die – El Dorado

7. Deftones – You’ve Seen the Butcher

8. Time to Burn – Nayeli

9. Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks

10. Massive Attack – Angel

11. Neurosis – Locust Star

12. Nirvana – School

13. AC/DC – Are You Ready?

14. Ultraista – Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)

15. The Chariot – Evan Perks

16. Desert Sessions – In My Head… or Something

17. TV on the Radio – DLZ

18. Rosetta – Ayil

19. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Phone Home

20. Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around

21. Melvins – A History of Bad Men

22. Moderat – Rusty Nails

23. Every Time I Die – The New Black

24. Mastodon – Blood and Thunder

25. Neurosis – Times of Grace

26. Chickenhawk – Kerosene

27. Oxbow – Sawmill

28. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now

29. Botch – Japam

30. Limp Bizkit – My Way

31. Radiohead – Lotus Flower

32. Knut – Wyriwys

33. Apparat – Limelight

34. Tom Waits – Goin’ Out West

35. Every Time I Die – Decayin’ with the Boys

36. KEN Mode – Counter Culture Complex

37. The Chariot – The City

38. Nirvana – Milk It

39. (hed) P.E. – Bartender

40. Narrows – Under the Guillotine

41. Alice in Chains – Would?

42. Rosetta – Wake

43. Burial – Archangel

44. Fidlar – Cheap Beer

45. Killradio – Raised on Whipped Cream

46. Deftones – Diamond Eyes

47. Morphine – Thursday

48. Mastodon – The Motherload

49. Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

50. Harley’s War – Skarred 4 Life

51. Fidlar – Stoked and Broke

52. Botch – Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb

53. Cancer Bats – Sabotage

54. Modeselektor – Berlin

55. Motorhead – No Class

56. Mastodon – Ember City

57. LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

58. Weedeater – God Luck and Good Speed

59. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Gold Teeth on a Bum

60. Bongzilla – Greenthumb

61. Every Time I Die – Roman Holiday

62. AC/DC – Thunderstruck

63. stonefromthesky – Irreversible (of course, I couldn’t leave this article without shameless self-advertising)

Closing Thoughts

This list could be 100 times bigger easily. It took a reasonable amount of self-control to narrow it down to 63 songs. I hope you’ve found something cool for yourself. By this point, you should be fucking pumped up to get those gains. So, waste no time.

Play rough!

Alex Z

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5 thoughts on “Rough Strength Ultimate Training Playlist

  1. Jerry

    That’s actually quite a good list, but alternatively you could just make it all Led Zeppelin and it would be sweet.

  2. Ákos

    I would add one more : Five Finger Death Punch – Lift me up ft Rob Halford. Ridiculously awesome deadlift music.


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