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Rough Strength Basics: How to Build Muscle?

How to Build Muscle?Here’s the second part of Rough Strength Basics series of articles. In case you missed part 1, it explored the theme of how to gain strength and you can read it here. So today’s post is going to be, as you probably already found out, on how to build muscle. Muscle building is an interesting topic by itself. I’ll try to cover just the basics of it in this post.

What Is Muscle Building?

Muscle building or, as geeks say, hypertrophy is an increase in the size of a muscle through an increase in the size of its component cells. It occurs due to the principle of supercompensation. This principle states that muscle increases its size as reaction to stress and microtrauma induced by exercise. In simpler words, we exercise, we totally blast our muscles, our body thinks “what the fuck? I better be bigger next time this asshole will torture me like that” and grows.

There are several stages of muscle building process: microtrauma, compensation and supercompensation. Continue reading

Rough Strength Basics: How to Gain Strength

How to Gain StrengthMajority of people that are interested in strength training are concerned with wrong things. They think too much about exercise machines, biceps curls, what training gloves to use, what is better: barbells or dumbbells, when to train: in the morning or in the evening, or maybe in the afternoon? What to eat pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout, ‘anabolic windows’, what split to use, what supplements to use, should I train biceps with triceps or separately? Holy crap, these questions make me want to puke in the mouth of the person who asks them. The best thing you can do to your training is to concentrate on BASICS and forget everything else for 3-5 years straight. So I decided to write some stuff on basics of rough strength training. Here’s the first article.

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Twice-a-Day Training. Sleep

ArnoldHere are some of my recent thoughts and experiment results I’d like to share.

Twice-a-Day Training

Do you remember Arnold? I consider that he had built one of the best (if not the best) bodies of all time. When I learned that he was training twice a day, I thought: “Holy shit! How was he able to progress?” Well, man obviously knew what he was doing. Continue reading

Why Not to Get Stronger?

Huge PRWhy am I writing about such obvious thing? Recently I’ve met lots of people who were willing to become muscular or ripped (or both) but when I suggested them to get stronger first they looked at me like a madman. Some of them even stated that they were already strong enough (of course they could barely squat with 50 kg). They all asked me: “Why get stronger? I want big biceps/triceps/chest/shoulders/abs”. As ridiculous question as it could possibly be. We all met such people. And I feel the need to address this question. Read on. Continue reading

Simple Bodyweight Mass Gaining Routine

No prelude. Just straight to your face Rough Strength routine.


A1) Handstand Push-Ups – 20 total reps

A2) Front Lever Pull-Ups – 20 total reps

B) Pistol – ladders (count total reps)

Tuesday – off Continue reading