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Strength Training and Science

Strength Training ScienceHave you noticed the domination of scientific research in modern strength training? It is trendy and dandy (and more importantly, marketable) to be ‘scientifically proven’ or ‘backed up by research’ nowadays. The general reading public readily accepts this, and everybody seems to feel the need to get scientific. However, despite the initially positive character of the trend, there might be a downside to it.

What Downside?

First of all, I absolutely love science and the scientific approach. People obviously wouldn’t be where we are if there were no science. To put it straight, let me quote Richard Dawkins: Continue reading

Rough Strength Ultimate Training Playlist

Rough Strength Training PlaylistAccording to the latest research, training with cool music can give you up to 42% performance boost. Well, OK, I made this up, but in my experience, this statement is true. Training with proper music makes all exercises ridiculously easier. You just feel pumped up and can do much more than usual. With right music, you can achieve that state of being unstoppable.

Of course, if you are some kind of a monk and you despise anything but training in silence, then you will find nothing useful in this article. However, if you like to train with music but struggling to find a proper soundtrack to your diesel gains, then you are in a right place, my friend. Let me give you some options (in no particular order).

Here We Go

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The Amazing Time We Live In

We live in a truly amazing time. You might have noticed it. If not, then take a look around. Consider for a moment the fact that you are reading now thoughts of a guy living in a completely different country that is probably far away. Could this be possible 20 years ago? Not a chance.

This theme bothers my mind a lot and I would love to share my insights. I know that it is probably not what you expected as it is not clearly connected to strength training. Nevertheless, isn’t everything tied in one way or another?

What Is So Amazing?

Despite all the hysteria about oversimplification, informational noise, and robots taking over human’s future, I think exactly the opposite is true. Right now is the age of inexhaustible knowledge, opportunities you never thought of, and freedom you crave so much.

It all could not happen without the internet. A lot of people swear at it. They say that it eats our brains, makes us more stupid, takes away our lives. And they are true to some extent. However, it is a close-minded approach. I believe that the web made much more good impact on our civilization than adverse.

Let me give you several examples. Continue reading

Whole Lotta Stuff

Well, this post is going to be really short comparing to others on this blog. I even feel somewhat uncomfortable for writing such a short piece, but there are good news, and I must share them with you.

Rough Strength Files eBook

Rough Strength Files: 42 Ideas on Low-Tech Strength TrainingFirst of all, I have finished the book. It is called “Rough Strength Files: 42 Ideas on Low-Tech Strength Training”. I have been working on it for quite a long time (you should have read a couple of updates on the progress if you follow Rough Strength), and I finally seem to be pretty happy with the result. I think a lot of people will find these 220+ pages and 60,000+ words useful. There are lots of cool tips and ideas on getting more with less in regards to strength training and nutrition in this book. And even more.

Additionally, here is the trailer to spice everything up:

At first, I thought that it would be cool to publish it on December, 23 because it is the exact name of one of my previous bands (listen here). However, I decided that there is no point in waiting that long.

So here you go, “Rough Strength Files” is out now. Stop “facebooking” and grab a copy here:

The price now is $4.99+. This means that you are not restrained to a fixed number. If you like Rough Strength and what I have to say, and, importantly, want it to continue, then feel free to support me and pay more.

Regarding the trailer, the big “thanks” goes to my good friend Vadym Sapatrylo for shooting this footage. We had awesome time. Check out more works by this badass here.

And in case you are interested, the music for the trailer was produced by stonefromthesky. You know him, right?

Let me know what you think about all of this in comments. Continue reading

Take It Easy

NOTE: this article is only for people that are dedicated to training. If you make two half-assed training sessions per week comprised of biceps curls and ab work, skip this article. I don’t want to give your lazy ass approval for even less effort,

Take It Easy

The Doors at Rough Strength“Take it easy, baby,

Take it as it comes

Don’t move to fast

If you want your love to last…” (c) The Doors

You know, Jim Morrison was right on this one. As well as on many other things. What I’d like to talk about today is obsessiveness. This topic is quite far from my regular strength stuff but the point I want to make will get clearer really soon. I don’t know how about you, but I’m that kind of person that gets addicted quickly and strongly. When I like something, I can do that all day long for weeks, months, years. Often I get too obsessive about this thing and it can lead to undesirable consequences.

My Mistakes Continue reading