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Why Train Rough Strength Style?

Rough Ring Strength Training at HomeIt happens that today is second Rough Strength birthday. So I decided to come up with something special and fundamental at the same time. I have written lots of articles on training and nutrition but I never wrote a whole piece on why I think Rough Strength method is superior to others for my goal, as well as for any strength-related striving.  I can speak about this whole day but I won’t bore you to death with long intros and will get straight to the point.

What Is Rough Strength?

I want people to have clear understanding of what Rough Strength is. Word ‘rough’ is used here meaning not only ‘hardcore’ but first and foremost ‘acquired without any luxuries’, ‘with minimal equipment’. It’s type of strength training you can use at home with anything you have at hand.

I don’t want it to be confused with trendy street workout or crossfit, or gymnastics, or powerlifting etc. Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned in 2012

New Year PresentSo the 2012 year is over and gone forever. It was pretty tough. But a lot of good things happened either. The first thing I’ve learned (or just been reminded) is that there is no limit to human stupidity and naivety. There are apocalypses and different ends of the world almost every year. Sometimes several times per year. Why do all those sheepeople still believe that crap? I think, it’s because people are too lazy to think. Do you really believe that end of the world will come in one day or one hour? If you analyze that “prophecy” you’ll find out that the end of the world should have come due to displacement of the Earth’s axis (well, according to the “prophecy” I know). Think about it a bit. Do you really believe that such HUGE process is possible in one day? The Earth evolved during 4.54 billions of years. So that all is crap. And you shouldn’t believe it. I digress. Let’s get back to my theme for today. Continue reading

Your Worst Enemy

Frank Zane Knows Who's Your Worst EnemySo you’ve been training for a decent amount of time. You’ve made some gains. In strength, in muscle, in fat loss. However, after few weeks you stopped progressing. No amount of bench pressing, curls and crunches can make you move forward again. You blame everyone for your fail. Bad genetics, crappy gym environment, wrong lunar phase, politics etc. But reality is quite opposite. You just suck. And suck hard. And your program sucks. And, of course, your diet sucks too. As well as your overall approach to everything in life.

Guess Who Is Your Worst Enemy? Continue reading

Rough Strength Review: Dinosaur Training

Dinosaur Training by Brooks D. KubikDinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development by Brooks D. Kubik.

You don’t need a review of this book because you probably read it. And I don’t want this to be just another review because my serious training started after reading this book. Besides, it’s not just a book anymore, it’s bible for many lifters and tranees. And I’ll be brave enough to say that it is one of the best books ever written on strength training. This post is for all younger lifters and trainees who haven’t heard about this book or for some reason haven’t read it (what is a big mistake). Yes, it’s blast from the past but it is well worth it. Dinosaur Training has its own pluses and minuses and I want to discuss them in detail.

Why Should You Even Bother? Continue reading

The Main Benefit of Strength Training

Franco Columbu DeadliftStrength training is a powerful tool. I’m brave enough to say that strength training is the most powerful tool every human has in his arsenal. I, obviously, love it and everything that is connected. It has tons of applications. Do you want to get strong? Try strength training. Do you want to build muscle? Try strength training, kid. Do you want to get ripped? Have you heard about strength training? Strength is the key to everything as we discussed in this interview. You need strength. You are nothing without it. And you are everything if you have strength. Continue reading