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13 Random Tips on Rough Strength Training – Part II

Rough Strength Tips

That’s the second part of the article. Check out the first one here.

6. If you hit plateau, change something.

There is no point in doing something again and again if you see no results. You will hit plateau in all exercises sooner or later. If you never experienced this, then you either not consistent enough, or at beginner stage where you can progress for several months in a row without changing a thing.

There’s nothing wrong with hitting plateau, except the frustration. It is essential part of the process for strength training (as well as any other area of life). Your body adapts to the stimulus and regimen stops working. Despite what other people say, you need variety. Your body demands it. The best thing you can do when you hit plateau – is to change something. Even subtle change can lead to progress,

Variety can be different. You can implement it right and wrong. Continue reading

13 Random Tips on Rough Strength Training – Part I

Some Serious Rough StrengthSometimes it takes only one tip from another person (usually the person with well-developed common sense) to turn on the switch in your head. Have you ever been in such situation? You struggle to find the best solution to your problem, you read all the available literature, you make your head aching bad (notice the intentional Breaking Bad analogy), your eyes fall out of sockets, but everything in vain. Suddenly it takes only one word from the right person and everything gets into its right place in your head.

Just like with this article. I was analyzing all possible ways to make my own weighted vest filled with sand, while simultaneously driving myself crazy with all the ideas. Then in one conversation on this subject my friend told me the simplest thing: “Hey! Why don’t you take the backpack?” I was like: “But it won’t work for this and that”. However, a bit later I came to conclusion that backpack will do the trick for almost every exercise that I need. Read the article for more details.

As you can see, any tip can give you some enlightenment. Therefore, here are my 13 random tips on rough strength training: Continue reading

Take It Easy

NOTE: this article is only for people that are dedicated to training. If you make two half-assed training sessions per week comprised of biceps curls and ab work, skip this article. I don’t want to give your lazy ass approval for even less effort,

Take It Easy

The Doors at Rough Strength“Take it easy, baby,

Take it as it comes

Don’t move to fast

If you want your love to last…” (c) The Doors

You know, Jim Morrison was right on this one. As well as on many other things. What I’d like to talk about today is obsessiveness. This topic is quite far from my regular strength stuff but the point I want to make will get clearer really soon. I don’t know how about you, but I’m that kind of person that gets addicted quickly and strongly. When I like something, I can do that all day long for weeks, months, years. Often I get too obsessive about this thing and it can lead to undesirable consequences.

My Mistakes Continue reading

Strength Training in REAL Life Circumstances

William Boone“…But how should I train when I have so many responsibilities and problems in my life?”

Several people requested the answer to this question, so I’d like to address it in this article. I think that lots of people around the world are asking themselves the same thing every day. There is no hard rule on what you should do when you are in such situation, but I’ll try to sum up everything that I know on the theme. Anyway, firstly let’s talk about what is “hard”?

What Circumstances Are Considered Hard?

Well, let’s face it, almost everybody considers his/her circumstances the hardest possible. Continue reading

How to Defeat Your Worst Enemy

Frank Zane Is Just AwesomeNot much time ago I wrote a post called “Your Worst Enemy”. You can find it here. So this article is sequel. Or better to say work on mistakes. I was talking with one of my clients recently and he pointed out that it would be cool if I write more articles on psychological aspects of training and dieting. So aforementioned article came up to my mind right away. But after chatting for a little bit longer I realized the biggest flaw of that post. I touched the problem and defined it well but forgot the most obvious thing: ways to solve it. And today my goal is to fix my mistake and concentrate on possible solutions. Time to defeat your worst enemy.

So Who’s Your Worst Enemy Again?

You. Your worst enemy is nobody else but you. You may disagree. You may deny. You may get angry and pissed off. But this won’t change the fact that your worst enemy is you. Not me, not that guy in the gym, not lunar phase, not government, not genetics, not anything else. It’s all you. I can go on and on but you can check out the previous article for that. Why you? Well, if you think long enough on subject you will inevitably find out that your poor strength/performance/look/insert your weak area is the consequence of your bad decisions. They are poor habits, poor diet choices, lack of sleep etc.

So what’s now? Let’s try to solve the problem. First of all we’ll need to explore why do we make bad decisions? Continue reading