Your Worst Enemy

Frank Zane Knows Who's Your Worst EnemySo you’ve been training for a decent amount of time. You’ve made some gains. In strength, in muscle, in fat loss. However, after few weeks you stopped progressing. No amount of bench pressing, curls and crunches can make you move forward again. You blame everyone for your fail. Bad genetics, crappy gym environment, wrong lunar phase, politics etc. But reality is quite opposite. You just suck. And suck hard. And your program sucks. And, of course, your diet sucks too. As well as your overall approach to everything in life.

Guess Who Is Your Worst Enemy?

You and only you. Never blame anyone except yourself for your fails. You are the only person who can take action over your life (or take no action at all), and that’s the person you should blame. There’s a good proverb: “If you want to change something, start with yourself”. So start. You can use help if you need. That’s nothing wrong with it. But there’s no such personal trainer that will do everything for you.

I’m big believer in hard work. If you want to get something valuable out of any endeavor, then you should put some serious work into it. As my experience shows, this rule can be applied to any situation in life. If you can get something without any effort, then you won’t understand its value. There are tons of people with better than average genetics, but they don’t appreciate what they have because they don’t pay the price of hard work. Ask any successful entrepreneur about hard work and he will explain you what it is.

And if you think that you don’t need to put in hard work to get results, think again. I had a conversation recently about diet. After my tips on the right diet approach, the person who I was consulting said to me: “You know, holidays are coming and I won’t be doing all the stuff you told me”. So I replied: “No big deal. You’ll just remain fat and ugly”. I don’t care whether it’s holidays or not. Holidays are 2-3 days out of the month. You have at least 26 days to eat right so don’t fool yourself or anybody else. You are fat because of you. You are weak because of you. You have no muscle also because of you.

The Importance of Understanding

Processes in your body don’t get any better with time and never will. Your metabolism gets worse and worse every day. You’ll get fatter and fatter with age (if you’re not lucky ripped bastard). You need to understand that if you’re not happy with your health/strength/look, then you’re doing something wrong. You need to cultivate the habit of exercising and eating right (credit joshua). And yes, you’ll need to exercise and eat healthy till your death. There’s no way around this. If you think that you’ll just exercise and eat right for 3 months or so and then get back to your old sitting-and-eat-all-the-cakes routine, then you are totally wrong. It’s not a quick fix. Bring back the bad habit and you’ll get back to where you started in no time. It may sound rough, but the truth is what important. I guess it’s time to wrap up. I think you got my point. Thanks for reading. Share and comment.

Play rough!


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