Why Train in a Home Gym?

Gold's Gym Do you seriously think that you need all that stuff in your training?

How many times have you seen guys in your gym with eleven-inch guns doing bench or curls all day long for 7 days a week with girly poundages with grunting and screaming like they were squatting 1000 lbs?

How many times did the instructor in your gym tell you not to deadlift/squat/military press/bent press etc because they are DANGEROUS?

How many times were you afraid to drop the weight on the floor because it is so loud and because of the instructor(s) that will run to you immediately and tell you not to do so because it will wreck the bar or something?

How many times have you seen all those metrosexuals who think they’re so sexy that they should check themselves in the mirror every minute?

How many times have you not found dumbbells of an appropriate size and weight in all that machine jungle?

I can go on and on but I think there are enough reasons to understand that commercial gyms today are full of crap. And you know what the funny thing is? If you train in a commercial gym you actually pay for that crap. It is a business after all. Nowadays people go to gyms pretty much to socialize rather than to train. But it’s not what gyms were originally meant to be. You can’t even imagine how your progress will skyrocket when you will get rid of all that annoying shit and will train rough in a place where you’re the master and where you can concentrate on lifting.

Build your own gym!Tommy Kono's Home Gym

Tommy Kono’s Home Gym

Here are the pros of your own home gym:

1. You’re the boss.

No comments. You will do what YOU need to get results.

2. You can train any time you want.

You are the one who decides whether to train or not and when to train and rest. The funny thing is that this is the most important reason why I quit commercial gyms. My last gym operated during certain hours on certain days and I had to be on time every session. It is good for discipline, but it’s bad for training progress. Why? You have no variety options. You’re tied to a weekly schedule. These reasons can not only slow down, but even crash your progress. Let me show you this using my own example. I squatted heavy every Friday at 2PM. I progressed well for a couple of weeks. But one day I came and couldn’t do even half of the reps I had done the previous time. One more rest day (or two) were ultimately necessary to progress further. You can’t trick your body.

3. You don’t need to spend time on trips to the gym.

Talking about time management. You’ll have more time on activities that you enjoy and/or that bring you money.

4. You’ll spend less time training.

You won’t wait until someone will finish his set on the workstation that you need right now. You’ll be able to apply such techniques as ‘alternating sets’ or ‘circuits’ with no headaches.

5. You will be able to do any exercises you find necessary.

This one is old as hell. Deadlifts are dangerous? Squats are dangerous? Military Presses are dangerous? Are you kidding me? Improper technique and being a moron by adding more weight than you can handle are dangerous. The deadlift is one of the best exercises out there. It works just about every muscle in your body. It should be a staple exercise of any program. That said, it is one of those exercises that give you the most bang for your buck.

[UPDATE: well, this reason is good but the description is not really so good. Talking from my current experience I can say that not everyone should do squats, deadlifts or military presses due to some possible limitations. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them at all. If for some health reason you can’t perform these exercises you will need to find a proper alternative. If you can’t do Military presses due to a back injury, replace it with Handstand Push-Ups, etc.]

6. You’ll be able to drop weights.

But be careful. Don’t throw them forcefully on the floor. Respect the weights.

7. You’ll gain immunity from the stupid advice of self-proclaimed gym experts.

You won’t even hear it. You have no idea how many people not only picked the wrong path in training but got injured following bad advice.

8. You’ll have only the equipment that YOU need.

No fancy machines. Bodyweight, free weights and some stuff is really all that you need.

9. You’ll be able to listen to YOUR favorite music or silence.

I found that my favorite music actually helps me to train. Some people like silence. Both are unattainable in commercial gyms.

10. You won’t be asked ‘what is your bench?’ every time you train.
It’s especially true if you don’t bench (:

But you might say: “Hey, man! But a home gym is very expensive. I can’t afford it!” Yes, you can! The cheapest home gym in the world is already built inside of you. Fascinating? It is your bodyweight. The second cheapest option is a sandbag. Check out my post on how to make a sandbag. You can also buy a kettlebell and start training right away. It doesn’t require much space and it’s very versatile and fun. The classic options are barbells, dumbbells and plates for them. You might also want to purchase a power rack. It can be expensive but think of it as an investment in the most important thing in the world – your body. And you can always stick with the basics.

There is no place for excuses. Build your own gym and become the boss of your training!

Stay tuned for more on rough training.

Play Rough!

Alex Zinchenko

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16 thoughts on “Why Train in a Home Gym?

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  3. Ryan

    I think this is a very interesting subject. just wanted to thank you for making the post, its hard to find quality blogs these days :)

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  11. Elton Toledo

    Good post man. I built my home gym about three yrs ago. I have work and school, so very limited time. If people invest in small equipment they can build a great physique. The only thing you left out of your blog is DUMBBELLS! ( LOL) . They’re a must.. They’re super cheap! I got adjustable one’s that go from 5lbs to 85lbs.. Also a cheap beach.. You’ll spend no more than 200$ that’s cheaper than a gym pass and not to mention the gas to get there plus other miscellaneous crap. As always Alex great post.

    Elton Toledo.

  12. John L

    Hi. Very nice share. The best way to save money but we still get the good body by do gym at home. No money request so much, just buy some equipment basic as dumbell, barbell, bike, rope single weight. That’s enough for a lot of exercises.
    I have 1 year do gym at home with the good and enough food every day. The main thing is: do not lazy, sleep enough, and enough protein.
    Thanks again, nice share


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