Training on Vacation: How to Avoid Unwanted Fat Gain and Strength Loss

How to Avoid Uwanted Fat Gain and Strength Loss on VacationSummer is legitimate vacation time. You were working hard all year. You’ve brought tons of income. You just can’t withstand the work routine anymore. Heat is killing you. Productivity starts to drop down. Well, it’s time to take a vacation, my friend. You need to rest to attack your work with enthusiasm again. The same is true for training and nutrition. Sometimes you need to rest to achieve more. So you decide to take a trip somewhere. But here pops up another question.

How Not to Become a Fat Weakling on That Vacation?

As everything in life it all depends on circumstances. Firstly, if your vacation lasts less than one week then don’t even think about it. Just take a week off. I assure you that nothing bad is going to happen during that week. But if your vacation or business trip take more than one week or just breaks up your training and eating schedule on regular basis then you’ll need to implement strategies that I’ll outline below.

Training Strategies on Vacation

Well, I guess, pretty much every city on Earth has at least one decent gym. But it could be too far or it could not have the proper equipment (for example, not enough weight plates for barbell, no kettlebells etc), or it could have no one-time visit options (it doesn’t make sense to me to buy a 3- or 6-month membership if you will be in that town only for 2-4 weeks). So what to do? Bodyweight strength training is your number one option in my opinion. You can train with calisthenics everywhere. It doesn’t require any equipment. And it can load up your upper body with infinite intensity. A good idea will be to take a pair of rings with you. They require almost no place and you can take them anywhere with you. But if not then it’s no problem. Just find any park with monkey bars or dip bars. If not then find a tree branch or door frame. Whatever. Your body is your own gym. Stay the course of getting stronger and you’ll be ok. Progressive resistance, remember? You can run or jump rope for conditioning if you prefer. Again almost no equipment. Training strategies are covered. Nothing fancy as it should be.

Nutrition Strategies on Vacation

Here’s the hardest part. Especially for people with crappy metabolism, carb intolerance and beastly appetite (like me). I can gain 10 kg in a week if I don’t count calories. Easily. But it all would be fat obviously. So if you have a meal pattern or ready menu then follow it by all means. You can always change some things but stay the course. Don’t change everything radically and don’t return to your crappy meal habits. If something haven’t worked for you in the past then there are big chances that it won’t work for you now.

But what to do if you have no stable menu or don’t want to count calories for some reason (it’s vacation after all). Well, there are couple of rules for you.

  • Protein first! Protein is the least harmful macronutrient for your waist and the most useful for your muscles. You can read more on this topic here. Eat your protein first and then everything else.
  • Less carbs. Limit your carbs to only one half of the day (one meal a day would probably be better idea (ideally post-workout)) to keep you blood sugar stable. This will keep fat gain at minimum.
  • Don’t worry about fats, but I, personally, would have limited all the fat that comes without protein (limit doesn’t mean cut out, just watch out).
  • Use intermittent fasting if you are comfortable with it. I should write a post on this (I’ve been doing it for over 1,5 years now). It will keep you energized and satisfied with less food (to mention just few advantages).
  • Drink responsibly. Ever wondered how much calories in your alcohol? Here’s a link to help you.
  • Eat vegetables! No, EAT MORE VEGETABLES!

I guess, these rules would be enough to keep fat gain at minimum. Just don’t overeat.

Closing Thoughts

Get on your vacation. Rest. Get refreshed. And fight through your workouts and meals with new energy. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment.


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