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Warm It Up

The Importance of Warm-Up

Ok, here is a quick post on warm-ups.

Not doing warm-ups can be the biggest mistake you’re making in your training. On the other hand, too much warm-up is a bad thing generally and specifically for some goals. So how you can learn how do you need to warm-up? Simple.

If you are an athlete or strength training enthusiast then your primary goal is performance. Your muscles are ‘cold’ before training so you need to warm them up. It can instantly protect you from an injury. Warm-up will make your blood flow all over your body transporting important nutrients into working muscles. It will prepare you and your CNS for training.

There are 2 kinds of warm-ups that I used: mobility work and lighter sets of exercise. Mobility work may include jump roping, neck work, arm circles etc. Lighter sets include sets of exercise with less weight than you work with. Either of them work well. You can mix both if you want.

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