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Feel the Muscle: Advanced Technique for Building Muscle

Sergio Oliva Knows How to Build Muscle“How to build muscle?” It’s probably the most common question I get. Oh, actually it’s number two. The first one is how to lose this (and the person asking the question is ALWAYS shaking his/her/its big fat belly during the question)? Anyway, people today are very concerned about getting fit (or insert any trendy word like “toned up” or “functional”). Most of them should loose fat. Some of them should add slabs of muscle to their frame (I just couldn’t resist using this combination of words). And all of them need to get much stronger than they are. They need to stop looking in the mirror every free moment and start training and eating right. That’s what they need. But back to the theme of the post, what to do if their goal is to build muscle? Well, it all depends on the training experience of the trainee. If it’s beginner-to-intermediate then he/she should concentrate on basics. Period. You can read more about it here. If he/she is on intermediate-to-advanced level then it is possible to take advantage of the technique I’m about to share with you here. Continue reading