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Training an Exercise Only Once per Week for More Strength

Awesome Ring Dips

It seems that a lot of people get somewhat crazy with high-frequency training nowadays, and by “a lot of people” I mean me. Strength training is my drug, and I am afraid that the addiction to it cannot be cured. No amount of rehab can fix things, and it is too late for me to get back to “normal life”. I guess I am doomed for eternal searching for another dose of this narcotic…

With all seriousness, if you love something that much, it is quite hard to tame yourself and not to do it daily. There is nothing wrong with high-frequency training if it is done properly. You should remember that if training frequency is high, volume and intensity should be in check. Despite what you heard, you cannot train to failure in high volume every day. It just will not work. In this case, injuries, frustration, and lack of progress are the only possible results.

[Check out this article for more information on the relationship of volume, intensity, and frequency in strength training]

Anyway, let us get back to the theme. In addition to irresistible urge to train daily and several times per day, I like to train hard. I mean REALLY HARD. Low reps and eyeballs-out-of-their-sockets style. Again, most of the time I need to calm myself down, and often it takes huge effort not to fail a practice session.

You should probably know that recovery is the name of the game in strength training. If your recovery is not sufficient, then you will not be stronger. This is the law you cannot violate. Therefore, to make high-frequency training work for a guy with average genetics (me), I need to be VERY precise with training variables. If I do one or two reps or sets more than I should, then the program can fail badly. Oftentimes this fear of doing more takes the fun part out of the training, and it becomes a boring job.

What to do then? Cutting that frequency can be a viable option. Continue reading