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Pyotr Kryloff - The King of Kettlebells

Pyotr Kryloff – The King of Kettlebells

As you know the goal of Rough Strength is to help people reach their health and fitness goals rough. The problem here is that people nowadays don’t believe that they need very little in their training. People are so obsessed with gym memberships, latest supplements, fancy machines and brand new clothes that they forget what training is all about. Training is about gaining primal rough strength at first place not about pumping up or toning the rear delt or outer thigh or endless crunches and curls. So I decided that people need to know who were the strongest people of the past, what were their stats and how did they train. And the first post I decided to dedicate to one of my all-time favorite old school strongmen Pyotr Kryloff. Read on and discover how was built one of the most impressive bodies of the beginning of XX century. Continue reading

Deadlifting at Home

Franco Columbu Deadlifting OutdoorsThe Deadlift. Exercise that involves pretty much all the muscles in your body into action while none of them go through full range of motion. One of the most productive exercises on earth while one of the hardest. One of the simplest exercises in setup. Benefits of the deadlift are endless. Besides, it’s one of my favorite exercises (:

You will always notice a good deadlifter in the crowd. Good deadlifter is a lucky possessor of massive traps, shoulders, lats, forearms and legs. And these are just visible bonuses. Good deadlifter (not stupid deadlifter) is a possessor of strong and healthy posterior chain. And posterior chain is one of the main muscles in your body if your goal is strength and performance. Strongmen use to say: “If you want strength then train your back”. Forget about curls and crunches. Leave them for sissies. Build your back and get big and strong!

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Mixing Training Implements for Ultimate Results

Franco Columbu Mixing ToolsThere are so many debates on what implement is the ultimate training tool. Barbells? Dumbbells? Sandbags? Kettlebells? Bodyweight? You name it. People tend to oppose them to each other. One camp says: “Barbells are the best because you can always make micro adjustments in weight”. The second camp replies: “Sandbags or kegs are the best because they rock the stabilizers big time; barbells cannot offer this”. Yet other dudes say: “Kettlebells are the best because they are fun and versatile and can offer unique exercises”. The fourth camp states: “Forget about weights! Old school bodyweight strength training is the king because you learn to master your own bodyweight”.

So who’s right and where’s the truth?

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How to Make Your Kettlebells Heavier

The Kettlebell is one of the best implements out there when we are talking about gaining strength, building muscle, getting lean and attaining superhuman endurance. No matter what your goal is, you can benefit from kettlebell training big time. Besides, this tool is the least space consuming option (after your bodyweight, of course). You can even use kettlebells as part of your room decor.

As you probably know, the heavier kettlebell you use, the more benefits you will reap. A heavier kettlebell = more strength, more muscle, more fat loss. So you need to aim to lift more challenging bells with time. If your weight is 80 kg (180 lbs) and more, then you will need a pair of 40 kg (88s), 44 kg (97s) and maybe even 48 kg (105s). For example, a Double Front Squat with a pair of 32 kg (70s) kettlebells became ridiculously easy for me very quickly at the weight of 180 lbs. Heck, squatting with 40 kg kettlebells is not a problem anymore.

However, there’s one nuance with kettlebells… Continue reading

Faster Workouts for More Results

Everybody desires to work less and achieve more. Training is just the same. And there is a solution. I’m talking here not about training frequency but about workout time. You need to train faster for more results.

You can’t cut the rest periods because it will impair your performance through recovery ability between sets. The key here is density. So how can you increase productivity by tightening up your workout? There are two techniques called Alternating Sets and Circuits. The difference between them is that Alternating Sets are about two exercises and Circuits are about more than two. The main principle is the same. You take two or more exercises and alternate between sets of them. Here’s the important point. Straight sets are still cool but they take significantly more time to finish. You can use them when you’re not short on time. But why not  workout faster and have more time for other activities? Continue reading