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Interview with TheSupersaiyan

Vass the SuperSaiyan PlancheRecently I was lucky enough to interview a guy who is a big inspiration for many people around the world, as well as for me. He calls himself TheSupersaiyan. He developed pretty decent levels of strength and mastery in calisthenics. So let’s dive into this interview.

AZ: Hi, Vass! Tell our readers about yourself.

TheSupersaiyan: Hey, I’m 23 years old and I’m great fan of feats of bodyweight strength as you can see from my videos. I love in particular everything related to planche and handstand. Pushing movements are my favorites including all variations of planche push-up, handstand push-up, one arm handstand and so on. However, I also like pulling movements such as front lever, one arm pull up, back lever, and everything that is practiced on gymnastic rings. I wanna be the most multi-purpose as I can be. My goal is to become as strong as I can, to do things that nobody done before and get superhuman strength. Become the legendary supersaiyan :)

AZ: Ok, so how did you get started with strength training? How long have you been doing it? Continue reading

Rough Strength Review: Building the Gymnastic Body

Building the Gymanstic Body ReviewOftentimes you can hear a phrase like: “I want an upper body like gymnasts have”. Well, it’s no surprise, especially if you look at someone like Yuri Van Gelder (see the video below). Gymnasts have upper body strength and musculature as well as bodyweight control that have no match. So how to develop such body? Coach Christopher Sommer tries to answer this question with his book.

Who is this book for?

This book is for all the people that want to learn literally how gymnastic bodies are built. For all the people that are brave enough to look outside of the box and learn something new and useful. For all the people that want to know how to train to obtain some awesome skills like, for example, planche or front lever. Continue reading