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Importance of Individual Approach to Training and Nutrition

Arnold Says: "Stop Copying My Programs!"It seems pretty obvious that everybody on this planet is unique. Even when comparing them to their parents or other relatives. Everybody is different. Some people are right hand dominant, others – left hand. Some people are tall, some are short. Some people have fast metabolisms, some have slow. I can go on and on. Why am I writing this? Because all the people know they are different but still try to copy others (usually more successful ones) without even thinking. I see this all the time. I talk about this all the time. You can’t expect results from thoughtless copying of programs and training approaches. Or diet methods. Or anything. “Hey, that dude got pretty big from doing this program. I will definitely get big from doing it exactly”. Sorry to disappoint you but more chances that you won’t. Why? Again, because everybody is different. Or because that guy might have years of experience and tons of knowledge under his belt and he designed a program that takes into account his physiology, biomechanics, stress levels, spare time etc (in other words, that is individual for him). Or he may be lucky bastard with genetics that allow him to use all the crappy programs in the world and grow. Or something in between. Your program might not be unique but it definitely must be personalized for you. Continue reading

Practical Tips to Improve Your Pull-Up Performance

Improve Your Pull-UpsSo one day you woke up and thought: “Hey! How many fake world endings did I live through? Maybe I need to improve my Pull-Up performance to be at least somewhat cooler the next time?” Well, this might not be the actual thought. But why not? Pull-Up is essential exercise for building strength and muscle. It’s hard to find an exercise that can match regular Pull-Up in terms of building pulling strength. Besides, it requires nothing except your bodyweight. It’s not a coincidence that this exercise is a staple in training of military and law enforcement units.

Now let’s take a closer look at this exercise. You can see basic performance of the pull-up on the pictures. There are several rules of performing the move:

Your Worst Enemy

Frank Zane Knows Who's Your Worst EnemySo you’ve been training for a decent amount of time. You’ve made some gains. In strength, in muscle, in fat loss. However, after few weeks you stopped progressing. No amount of bench pressing, curls and crunches can make you move forward again. You blame everyone for your fail. Bad genetics, crappy gym environment, wrong lunar phase, politics etc. But reality is quite opposite. You just suck. And suck hard. And your program sucks. And, of course, your diet sucks too. As well as your overall approach to everything in life.

Guess Who Is Your Worst Enemy? Continue reading

Increase Your Strength with Double Progression

Arnold is the BestSo you’ve been training for some time. Some of it you have wasted because you were following “programs of champions” or other bodybuilding magazines’ crap. After realizing that you’re not getting anywhere or getting somewhere but not where you want to, you have decided to do it right finally. You have concentrated on training strength, you’ve made your diet right, you have finally started to see some progress in working weights as well as body composition. But after some time everything became harder and gaining strength is not that easy and fast as it was. You started thinking and analyzing…

That’s when you need more sophisticated approach. Why not make use of good old double progression? Continue reading

5 Sandbag Strength Training Benefits

5 Sandbag Strength Training Benefits…So I was sitting and thinking: “Why sandbag strength training isn’t really popular nowadays?” Actually two answers came up to my mind. Firstly, sandbag training is really tough. It’s not for all those boys and girls that attend fitness clubs to get social. It’s not for all those fat rich people that are got so used to luxury and comfort that they drive to fitness club to walk on treadmill. And, of course, it’s not for all those close-minded pseudo-bodybuilders that think that nothing works if it’s not a barbell, dumbbells or machines. Secondly, with sandbag training there’s nothing to sell. Well, almost. You need just a bag and sand. Here’s my tutorial on how to make a sandbag.

Sandbag training is not as popular nowadays as it should be. It gives you rough reality check. It shows you how really weak you are. That’s why you need to implement it and get stronger in it. Here’s five reasons you should to do so. Continue reading