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The Full-Body Advantage (Part 2)

So now you know about all the reasons why I prefer full-body routines over splits from Part 1. In this post I want to tell you how you can design your own full-body routine.

Where to start?

At first you need to pick the exercises you want to do. Like I said in the first part, you need to pick compound exercises like squats or deadlifts. Usually the more weight you can use, the more beneficial the exercise is. For example, the Military Press and Bench Press are more beneficial than flies and triceps kickbacks. Squats and Deadlifts are more beneficial than leg extentions and leg curls. Pull-Ups and Bent-Over Rows are more beneficial than curls. You get the idea. But you may ask what about Military Presses vs Bench Presses? Or Squats vs Leg Presses? Continue reading

The Full-Body Advantage (Part 1)

There’s so much talk about it on the internet. Even holy wars. What’s better: full-body routines or splits? What’s better for muscle gain? What’s better for fat loss? Some people say full-body workouts are the ultimate way to train. Others begin to throw crap at the former and start arguing and proving their thoughts with some obscure research. Then the full-body fans say that all old-school bodybuilders used only full-body routines. Split fans say that all the modern bodybuilders use split routines. The debate goes nowhere and everybody stays unconvinced no matter what. That’s how the internet works (:

My Take

My take is simple. It’s not a secret that there is no “ultimate” or “one-fits-all” approach to this subject. Different approaches don’t work the same for different people. Some people do better with full-body routines, some do better with splits. You need to find something that works for YOU. I know, it may be boring, hard, even frustrating. But you need to figure it out. How? Continue reading