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Rough Strength Basics: How to Gain Strength

How to Gain StrengthMajority of people that are interested in strength training are concerned with wrong things. They think too much about exercise machines, biceps curls, what training gloves to use, what is better: barbells or dumbbells, when to train: in the morning or in the evening, or maybe in the afternoon? What to eat pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout, ‘anabolic windows’, what split to use, what supplements to use, should I train biceps with triceps or separately? Holy crap, these questions make me want to puke in the mouth of the person who asks them. The best thing you can do to your training is to concentrate on BASICS and forget everything else for 3-5 years straight. So I decided to write some stuff on basics of rough strength training. Here’s the first article.

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