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Rough Strength Ultimate Training Playlist

Rough Strength Training PlaylistAccording to the latest research, training with cool music can give you up to 42% performance boost. Well, OK, I made this up, but in my experience, this statement is true. Training with proper music makes all exercises ridiculously easier. You just feel pumped up and can do much more than usual. With right music, you can achieve that state of being unstoppable.

Of course, if you are some kind of a monk and you despise anything but training in silence, then you will find nothing useful in this article. However, if you like to train with music but struggling to find a proper soundtrack to your diesel gains, then you are in a right place, my friend. Let me give you some options (in no particular order).

Here We Go

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How to Substitute Exercises Like a Pro

Stacked Kettlebell Clean

People often ask me different variations of the same question: “How can I substitute this exercise for something else?”. You may also be in such situation (and, additionally, I get really bored to type the same thing over and over), that is why I decided to address this problem with whole article. Besides, I have couple of interesting things to tell (or not).

Who Is This Article for?

This information is for people that fall into one of the following categories:

  • You travel and often find yourself in sub-optimal environment for strength training (gyms with 2 kg dumbbells);
  • You want to use certain training implement, but don’t want to screw your program up;
  • You want to try certain program, but don’t have all the necessary implements;
  • You are just curious.

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Strength Training in REAL Life Circumstances

William Boone“…But how should I train when I have so many responsibilities and problems in my life?”

Several people requested the answer to this question, so I’d like to address it in this article. I think that lots of people around the world are asking themselves the same thing every day. There is no hard rule on what you should do when you are in such situation, but I’ll try to sum up everything that I know on the theme. Anyway, firstly let’s talk about what is “hard”?

What Circumstances Are Considered Hard?

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