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BarStarzz, Paul Wade, Supplements, Kettlebells and Sandbags Q&A

Recently I found that there are a lot of search queries in form of questions that lead to RoughStrength.com. So I decided to go further and actually answer those queries. So here they are.

Do BarStarzz lift weights?

No. You can check out my interview with Edward Checo of BarStarzz here. He stated there loud and clear that they workout strictly through calisthenics. Check out the whole interview for details. Also there’s BarStarzz DVD coming out soon. Check it out.

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The Best Exercise for Huge Legs

Tom Platz

It seems that nobody likes to train legs nowadays. People in commercial gyms can do several things:

– socialize

– bench

– work their biceps

– work their abz

– work their biceps from different angle

– work their abz some more with the faith to see them someday and etc.

It’s a HUGE mistake to neglect legs in your training. Legs are 60% of your body. Training legs is a fast track to getting big (remember 20-rep routines?). Anyway, who wants those toothpicks? Why not to have the entire package? Legs must be trained as hard as the rest of your body. It’s a no-brainer.

Look at the picture above. This is Tom Platz. He was possessor of the most impressive legs in bodybuilding (and by ‘bodybuilding’ I mean those times when it was a sport of masculinity, beauty and grace).

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Deadlifting at Home

Franco Columbu Deadlifting OutdoorsThe Deadlift. Exercise that involves pretty much all the muscles in your body into action while none of them go through full range of motion. One of the most productive exercises on earth while one of the hardest. One of the simplest exercises in setup. Benefits of the deadlift are endless. Besides, it’s one of my favorite exercises (:

You will always notice a good deadlifter in the crowd. Good deadlifter is a lucky possessor of massive traps, shoulders, lats, forearms and legs. And these are just visible bonuses. Good deadlifter (not stupid deadlifter) is a possessor of strong and healthy posterior chain. And posterior chain is one of the main muscles in your body if your goal is strength and performance. Strongmen use to say: “If you want strength then train your back”. Forget about curls and crunches. Leave them for sissies. Build your back and get big and strong!

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Sandbag Shouldering

If I were on uninhabited island and doomed to do only one exercise, it definitely would be the deadlift. [UPDATE: based on my current experience, I’d say that my pick would be the Handstand Push-Up with all its variations] Its results are proven by centuries and it has the most impact on muscle building and overall strength gains. And, of course, because it’s one of my favorite exercises. But there is one little problem. As a rule, there are no barbells and plates on islands. There is only sand and, if you’re lucky, a thick-cloth bag around. No big deal. Shoulder it!

Shouldering is as old as sandbags are. Old-time strongmen used to shoulder great poundage in order to build tremendous strength. The strongest of them could shoulder a 100 kg (225 lbs) sandbag with one arm! I doubt that there are any men today who can replicate this feat of strength. Sandbag shouldering is lost feat of strength, but it is definitely worth rediscovering. And I’m here to make that happen.

Sandbag ShoulderingSandbag Shouldered

Sandbag shouldering is a simple exercise. Literally, you lift the sandbag off the floor and to the shoulder. No hidden context. But let me warn you, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It’s hard as hell when done with decent poundage. It’s a test of willpower when done for high reps. Those who say that sandbag shouldering is easy definitely haven’t done it heavy and/or for high reps. Save the whining for those pussies. Real men choose sandbag shouldering as one of the main tools in their arsenal for transformation into rough beasts.

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