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Sandbag Shouldering

If I were on uninhabited island and doomed to do only one exercise, it definitely would be the deadlift. [UPDATE: based on my current experience, I’d say that my pick would be the Handstand Push-Up with all its variations] Its results are proven by centuries and it has the most impact on muscle building and overall strength gains. And, of course, because it’s one of my favorite exercises. But there is one little problem. As a rule, there are no barbells and plates on islands. There is only sand and, if you’re lucky, a thick-cloth bag around. No big deal. Shoulder it!

Shouldering is as old as sandbags are. Old-time strongmen used to shoulder great poundage in order to build tremendous strength. The strongest of them could shoulder a 100 kg (225 lbs) sandbag with one arm! I doubt that there are any men today who can replicate this feat of strength. Sandbag shouldering is lost feat of strength, but it is definitely worth rediscovering. And I’m here to make that happen.

Sandbag ShoulderingSandbag Shouldered

Sandbag shouldering is a simple exercise. Literally, you lift the sandbag off the floor and to the shoulder. No hidden context. But let me warn you, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It’s hard as hell when done with decent poundage. It’s a test of willpower when done for high reps. Those who say that sandbag shouldering is easy definitely haven’t done it heavy and/or for high reps. Save the whining for those pussies. Real men choose sandbag shouldering as one of the main tools in their arsenal for transformation into rough beasts.

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