Rough Strength Review: Mike Mahler’s Advanced Kettlebell Course

Mike Mahler's Advanced Kettlebell CourseTime to make training fun again in 2011! You will love all of the new and exciting drills on this new DVD set! Ramp up strength and conditioning, lose fat, and build explosive power!

Who is this DVD for?

This DVD is for trainees who are already got acquainted with kettlebells, mastered basic exercises and are hungry for more. Basically, this DVD is for everyone who is intermediate or advanced level in kettlebell training. Nevertheless, beginners will learn a lot of new and useful information too.

What will you learn from it?

You will learn tons of information on technique and performance tips. Here’s a list of exercises that are demonstrated on this DVD:

Double kettlebell drill with the bells outside of the feet: 

Double KB Swing

Double KB Clean

Alternating KB Clean

Alternating Hang KB Clean

Double KB Clean and Military Press

Alternating Hang Clean and Military Press

Double KB Snatch

Double Kettlebell Work 

Relaxed Double KB Military Press

Alternating Kettlebell Lockout Press

Alternating Renegade Row Hold

Walking KB Lunges (suitcase and racked)

Low Position Lunges (suitcase and racked)

Kneeling Kettlebell One-legged Squat

Kettlebell Core Work 

Seated Russian KB Twist

Overhead explosive crunch

No Hands Turkish Get-up

Renegade Row

Stacked Kettlebell Drills (two bells in one hand)

One-arm Stacked clean

One-arm stacked military press

One-arm stacked bent-over row

One-arm stacked Swing

Double Stacked Kettlebell Drills (two bells in each hand) 

Double Stacked Clean

Double Stacked Military Press

Double Stacked Bent-over Row

Double Stacked Squat

Double Stacked Farmer’s Walk

Complex Exercises for extreme conditioning and full body synergy

Full Body Attack (3 variations)

Ground and pound press

Double KB Clean and Squat press

Pretty decent list. Also this DVD has sections on mobility/flexibility work and stretching. They will show you how to proper warm-up and cool down to avoid common injuries. As a bonus there is a 90-minute comprehensive lecture on hormone optimization via nutrition, nutrition supplements, training, and restoration. The whole length of the DVD is over 3 hours.

Strong points
  • Unusual and advanced information on training. I haven’t seen yet any other DVD where stacked kettlebell lifts or kettlebell exercises outside the feet were explained.
  • All information is practical and usable. In other words, there is no fluff.
  • All content is comprehensive and understandable.
  • Hormone optimization lecture is full and up to date.
  • Mike’s attention to details is very precise. You’ll learn all technique tips you will need.
  • Mike’s sense of humor makes this DVD even more enjoyable.
  • Unconventional approach to making DVDs.
Weak points
  • Too short. I wish it was twice as long (:

If you love training with kettlebells and you are looking for something new and unusual or just bored of conventional kettlebell exercises  then what are you waiting for? This DVD isn’t for you if you are scared to look outside the box. Open your mind to unusual art of training with kettlebells. Check out Mike Mahler’s Advanced Kettlebell Course. You can buy it here or here.

Thanks for reading.

Play rough!

Alex Zinchenko

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Advanced Kettlebell TrainingMike Mahler’s Advanced Kettlebell Training & Hormone Optimization

Brand new product from Mike Mahler. Totally awesome course. Mike shares his knowledge on on advanced kettlebell lifting techniques. You can find here such exotic drills like Double Swings outside of the feet, Double Snatches outside of the feet, Stacked Military Presses and many more. Mike clarifies many technique points that will help you in your training. Also there is hormone optimization lecture where Mike shares his nutrition and restoration tips.

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    Hi Alex! Your review sparked my attention on this DVD! I find interesting that you’re from Ukraine and you’re not a Girevoy Sport fundamentalist! I like GS, but I also think that KBs have several other great uses! BTW, love your blog! Keep the inspiring posts!


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