Why People Fail to Get Results

Arnold Is Disappointed with Your ResultsWhy people fail to get results? Well, there could be several reasons for that. The most common are lack of plan and lack of discipline. I see this all the time and it’s really frustrating. My intention here is to help you not to make those mistakes.

Lack of Plan

Ask any serious entrepreneur to help you start a new business. He’ll most likely ask you for a business-plan. Why? If you have no plan, then you have no predictable results. The same goes for training and nutrition. Yes, there are several other factors (like genetics that give you the unique opportunity to perform bullshit at your training sessions, eat total crap and still grow and lose fat), but no plan still transfers in lack of results. Well, you don’t need to be TOO precise. Be prepared that some workouts will go wrong, some workouts will differ from plan, some days you won’t have a chance not to eat crap. Nevertheless, general strategy should remain stable.

Believe me or not, training log is the best thing you can do to your training, as well as food log is the best thing you can do to your nutrition. If you really want results, you need a right program and nutrition plan that suits your individual needs, goals and restrictions. You may train spontaneously and get results, but it’s really a matter of luck. What will you rely more on: luck or plan? Well, I think that the answer is obvious.

Take-home point: if you’ve been training for some time and still get no measurable results, maybe it’s time to invest in training and food log. Get a plan!

Lack of Discipline

This is big. Even huge. I see this every day. I see it everywhere. Motivational pictures, motivational videos. Give me a break! While there are some videos that really motivate you to act, most of them are useless. You just need discipline to do something right, on and on, and on. If you want to be strong and/or look awesome, you will need to follow some rules until the end of your days. Deal with it! Terrified? Well, then you’re weak and you will remain weak forever. Discipline is strength. I’m sick and tired of people that want to get strong and muscular but don’t have the discipline to train hard and especially eat right amounts of food and protein. I’m sick and tired of people that want to lose fat and don’t have the discipline to stick to simple diet plan. Train for strength, eat a bit less if you want to loose fat, eat a bit more if you want to build muscle, eat high-protein, repeat. Does it sound so difficult?

Closing Thoughts

Take a look around. Weak people are everywhere surrounding you. They all look for magic pill to solve their problems. The truth is that there is no such pill. Don’t be one of them. Be strong. Have the plan of attack. Have the discipline to follow your plan till you die. And you will be strong and muscular forever. It is that simple. Thanks for reading.

Play rough!


27 thoughts on “Why People Fail to Get Results

  1. Gabri

    Alex, excellent article!

    I agree with you on every point. I think that the reason why most people
    fail is because a lack of planning and discipline.

    I have a problem to pose you if you don’t mind.

    I usually have no problem with programming my workouts
    and doing them, but now i would like to gain a few pounds
    because after a few injuries i lost muscle and i realized that i would like
    to go from 88kg (now) to around 95 kg. The max i’ve weighted
    is 91.

    The problem i think i have is with food. I haven’t been able
    to eat a lot a keep my gut healthy. I can’t do GOMAD because
    i’m lactose intolerant, and when i eat too many eggs i also feel
    quite bad.
    I’m currently doing 16/8 fast, because they make me feel
    really great. I love eating healthy foods, lots of meet and veggies.
    But also other kinds of food, everythink except sweets.

    What do you recommend me to gain size? I think the key
    is to get enough protein and calories while staying healthy right?
    What food is healthy and have a lot of calories???
    Do you think that in my case i should just try to keep getting
    stronger without never being hungry, so i gain weight in the long run?
    Maybe to gain weight you have to eat beyond your confort limits…

    Thank you for your help and your great articles!!

    1. Alex Zinchenko Post author

      Gabri, thanks for commenting.

      As for your question, you should understand that I don’t see the whole picture here. The one thing I’ve learnt while creating diets and training programs for myself and my clients is that there is no universal answer for anyone. Everyone is different and everyone will respond different to certain approaches. In your case you should check your protein first. Aim for 1.5 to 2 g per 1 lb. Then check your total calories. Your weight should grow. Maybe not on weekly basis, maybe not even on monthly basis but it should grow. It all depends on how much fat you are willing to gain along with muscle.

      As for GOMAD or eggs, or 16/8, that’s not magic. Calories and macronutrients are magic at first place.

      You should understand that your total calories are your food budget. Spend it on right foods.

      Hope this helps,


  2. Gabri

    Yes it helps Alex thanks you very much.

    From now on i’ll get focused on getting stronger over time, while eating enough of the right foods.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Mark Hamilton

    Right on Alex. Tell it like it is.
    Too many people just fall for the crap that all you need to do is take a
    magic pill and all your problems will be solved for you. It is rampant
    throughout society. “Read this book, use this software, wear this reducing
    belt – and all your problems will disappear. What a pile of crap!!
    It takes determination, hard work, consistency and a plan (as to so correctly
    point out) to really make a change in anything. You have to know that is true and put it to use in your life – or resign yourself to failure in any endeavor. (Or, as many people do, continue to live in illusion that will find that magic pill.)

    1. Alex Zinchenko Post author

      Thanks for commenting Mark. I’m just sick and tired of people looking for quick fixes where everything they need to do is some thinking and some planning. Oh, yeah, and to put in ton of hard work and dedication. But noone wants to hear the truth…

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  24. Vladimir Khalaburskiy

    Thanks for the useful article. Alex, how do you think, lack of time can be on of the reasons?

    1. Alex Zinchenko Post author

      Та не, Вован. Недостаток времени – оправдание. Тренируйся 2 раза в неделю по часу на турниках и брусьях.



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