The Main Benefit of Strength Training

Franco Columbu DeadliftStrength training is a powerful tool. I’m brave enough to say that strength training is the most powerful tool every human has in his arsenal. I, obviously, love it and everything that is connected. It has tons of applications. Do you want to get strong? Try strength training. Do you want to build muscle? Try strength training, kid. Do you want to get ripped? Have you heard about strength training? Strength is the key to everything as we discussed in this interview. You need strength. You are nothing without it. And you are everything if you have strength.

Strength training teaches you many things. For example, how to get good (and eventually great) at something. Let’s take Dave Tate’s “Shit-Suck-Good-Great” scheme as an example. At first, you are “Shit”. It doesn’t matter what you deal with: training or business, or drawing, or playing musical instrument etc. At first you not even “Suck”, you are “Shit”. You can’t press an empty bar or squat with it, you can’t do even 1 pull-up etc. It’s the breaking point. You either push through it, or quit (of course, with some lame excuse like “well, it’s not mine” or “I have no talent”).

If you did right thing and pushed through, you get to “Suck” stage. You’re not “Shit” anymore, but not “Good” either. Some people stay on this level with comfortable thought that they just “keep themselves in shape”. However, we all know (and they know it too) that they are just weak little pussies that are afraid to make a step further. You know whom I’m talking about. I-don’t-want-to-lift-heavy and I-don’t-want-to-bulk-up guys and girls. Or you-don’t-need-strength type of trainees that look and perform like crap. In addition, you can put in this category all those pseudo-gurus and it’s-all-about-supplements gym rats. They can spend countless hours arguing what exercise activates lower pecs and rear delts more than actually training. That is why they suck.

If you did everything right, you get to “Good” stage. You have decent levels of strength and mastery. All the “Suck” dudes are jealous and crying in their pillows all night long praying to get to your level. And here’s another breaking point. You need to decide whether you want to achieve “Great” so bad that you will make necessary sacrifices or not. You have no guarantees that you’ll reach it. And once you achieve “Great” there’s always room for improvement. What this example shows us? Strength training teaches us how to conquer our goals progressively. From “Shit” to “Great”.

Strength training teaches us to embrace patience. It teaches us that you need to make sacrifices to get something valuable. It teaches us respect and humbleness. But that’s not the main benefit of strength training.

So What’s the Main Benefit of Strength Training?

Confidence? Yes, but that’s also not the main one, in my opinion. The main benefit of strength training is incredible mental strength to overcome difficulties. You will rarely find an article on this theme on the Internet. Why? Because all that matters to people today is the look. Everybody wants to be big or ripped, or both. Nobody cares about strength. And even less people care about mental strength. That’s wrong.

Just imagine how would the world look like if there were lots of mentally strong people out there. I think it would be definitely better. What we have now? People that are afraid to make decisions, parents that abandon their children, men that beat women, women that act like whores, everybody finds relaxation and eventually meaning of life in alcohol and drugs. That’s all from mental weakness.

Nobody has insurance from crappy things and situations in life. They will happen. Strength training builds qualities that help to overcome those bad things. That is the main benefit of strength training. That’s it. Now it is time to get incredibly strong. Not only outside, but also inside. Thanks for reading. Share with friends.

Play rough!


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2 thoughts on “The Main Benefit of Strength Training

  1. Juan David

    Really nice articule, I think so many people say that high reps bodyweigth exercises don’t creat Strength….and may be not at all, or at least it’s not the best way to increase your strength….You gain endurance…but with that high rep training you gain a lot of mental strength, or at least for me….
    Today I Reached my goal….100 push ups in a row… but not in six weeks like the page says…=)
    It took me like 12 weeks or more…But it’s great, I discovered that my real weakness was my mind…but I know now, that my mind is stronger than before
    Thanks for the page, it’s great!

    1. Alex Zinchenko Post author

      Thanks, Juan. Personally, I hate endurance training. I find it very boring comparing to training maximal or explosive strength. But it definitely builds psychological strength. It teaches you not to give up. Congrats on 100.



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