Why Low-Calorie Low-Protein Diet Sucks

Low-Calorie? Low-Protein?I thought that it was pretty obvious that low-calorie low-protein diet sucks (well, at least for me and majority of people, not exceptional freaks that can eat like that and still build pretty good strength and decent amounts of muscle). But it turns out that I was wrong. Literally, tons of people follow this stupid approach nowadays. Well, I’ll go even further and say that majority of people that are too lazy or think that they are too smart and sophisticated (or insert any excuse here like too busy or wrong lunar phase) to count calories are probably following this shitty nutritional approach. Reality is that they could be consistent enough to waste their time and energy on decent workouts but get no results because their diet sucks big time.

Why Can’t I Eat a Little Bit of That Shit and a Little Bit of That?

Well, because your body was not supposed to work optimally on that. Food is fuel. That’s the approach that will bring you the most results. Of course, there are different situations in life. Everybody can have hard times. Some days food will be the only source of happiness you’ll have. That’s ok. But you must limit those days to no more than 2-3 per month. Or better 2-3 meals per month. In fact, it really doesn’t matter for your body whether you mentally prefer some kind of food or not. The most important thing is how you feel after your meal (approximately hour or two later) and how your body reacts on certain foods. If you feel like crap then stop eating that food. It can cause allergy or inflammation. Another factor that matters is your energy levels and mood. Wild mood swings could definitely be the results of poor food choices. Right diet should keep you full of energy. Your mood should be great.

Low-calorie diets are your enemy. If you’re eating less than 80% of your maintenance calories and losing more than 500 grams of weight per week (assuming you’re not obese) then you are eating very little calories and you’re losing muscle too instead of only fat. Also you are losing current and potential gains in strength and muscle. [UPDATE: of course, 500 grams is very rough number. Everything will vary from individual to individual but it’s good starting point]

Low-protein diets are no good either. I wrote why you need protein in this article. If you have no kidney diseases then you should definitely concentrate on amounts of protein you get from your diet. It is the most useful nutrient you can get. Besides, you simply cannot eat too much of protein just from food. So don’t be afraid of it. Protein is your friend.

As you probably understood, low-calorie low-protein diet is a recipe for failure. Still not convinced? Here’s my own example.

My Own Example

Recently I wasn’t able to eat eggs and meat (and poultry) because of reasons I don’t want to discuss here. So I decided not to count calories and macros and just concentrate on fish, nuts and vegetables. It failed big time. In everything from my energy levels and mood to my strength. I was able to perform exercises that are pretty hard to average trainee but I haven’t been able to train exercises that I was supposed to train. My strength levels sucked. I felt like the weakest person in the world. Why did that happen? Because of total low-calorie and low-protein content of my diet. You can say: “But there are lots of calories in nuts and lots of protein”. Well, everything is not that easy. You can eat a lot of nuts and fish in one meal. You’ll quickly get satisfied and won’t feel hungry for a long time. But if you count calories and protein it won’t be much. At least in my case. When I reintroduced meat and eggs I was blasted. My energy was through the roof. My strength levels got awesome again and finally I could perform hard exercises.

So What to Do?

The best you can do is to follow nutritional approach that has adequate amounts of calories and is high in protein. You can read this article for more information. Remember, don’t destroy your progress with crappy diet. You spend your time and money on training. It all will fail if you don’t have some decent diet plan to support it. Don’t be shy to get professional help. I think, I should wrap up here. As always thanks for reading. Like, share, subscribe.

Play rough!

Alex Zinchenko

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