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Vass the SuperSaiyan PlancheRecently I was lucky enough to interview a guy who is a big inspiration for many people around the world, as well as for me. He calls himself TheSupersaiyan. He developed pretty decent levels of strength and mastery in calisthenics. So let’s dive into this interview.

AZ: Hi, Vass! Tell our readers about yourself.

TheSupersaiyan: Hey, I’m 23 years old and I’m great fan of feats of bodyweight strength as you can see from my videos. I love in particular everything related to planche and handstand. Pushing movements are my favorites including all variations of planche push-up, handstand push-up, one arm handstand and so on. However, I also like pulling movements such as front lever, one arm pull up, back lever, and everything that is practiced on gymnastic rings. I wanna be the most multi-purpose as I can be. My goal is to become as strong as I can, to do things that nobody done before and get superhuman strength. Become the legendary supersaiyan :)

AZ: Ok, so how did you get started with strength training? How long have you been doing it?

TheSupersaiyan: I watched some videos back in early 2008 on YouTube. They were videos from Bartendaz and Zakaveli (Zef from Bar-Barians now), at that time there were nobody but them on YouTube. And I was impressed by what they were doing, it motivated me to do the same. So I started trying to do the movements like them and I loved working out outdoors. But at that time I was not yet focused on strength as I’m now, but this is how I started practicing barhitting (street workout). I started to focus my training on strength around september 2008 after some months of training, I wanted to do harder moves such as planche, handstand push up etc, so this at this time I started my strength training. So, I’ve started 4 years ago but I really did like 3-3.5 years of training or something.

AZ: Interesting. Describe your training style.

TheSupersaiyan: Well, it’s quite simple, my training is focused towards advanced gymnastic moves. On strength, so I do most of time sets of a few reps with long rest between sets. Sometimes, I do not follow my training program and I train according to my wishes of the day depending on my energy levels that day, it’s good for the mind from time to time. Most of the time I follow my weekly training routine. I do from time to time some strength/endurance training, but most of time it is focused on pure strength. I never do training based on muscular endurance, such as exercices with long sets above 15 reps with short rest. The easiest pushing movement of my training is freestanding handstand push-up and the easiest pulling movement is front lever. I do only the basics stuff such as push up, dips or pull-ups for warming up my body.

AZ: Well, your training style is quite like mine! Low rep strength stuff. It’s awesome. Tell us more about your SuperSaiyan Requirements?

TheSupersaiyan: I’m glad you speak about them :) Dragon Ball Z gave me so much motivation that i decided to create my own supersaiyan requirements. Why? Because it forces me to keep training hard aiming a high and difficult goal to advance from level to level. Having goals is the key to success, but having extremely difficult goals will take you much further. I love the conquest of power and strength in DBZ; from level to level goku trains harder and harder in order to become stronger and more ripped. This is the mindset I love, the conquest of strength. The Supersaiyan 4 requirement is very very hard to reach, it takes many years of hard work and dedication. Only the most dedicated and passionate people will reach it one day, because of the love of your passion you’ll do any sacrifices needed to reach your goal. It’s even above olympic gymnastic level, about certain exercises. This way you know directly who is very dedicated or not and will get my respect. Many people ask me why there is no legs exercises. Because I don’t want to put my effort, my sweat into leg exercises. I train them but it’s not something I really like, it’s only to keep a body proportioned, harmonious. I don’t have any goal in this area and I focus on upper body strength only. This is totally personal, but each one acts according to his goals. Some people already achieved certain of my Supersaiyan requirements, I’m glad they have took them as goals, but I would like to see more people interested about them. People may find them too hard, or they don’t like some exercices I’ve put in them, but as I told, you can take inspiration and create yours then. So I thank you again for speaking about them :)

AZ: No problem, bro. What are your current training goals?

TheSupersaiyan: My current short term training goals are One arm handstand, Hollow back, Maltese and, of course, reach my SS4 requirement. But I have also all these goals I’ve written down HERE, so give me some time before asking me what are my new current training goals aha :p

AZ: What is the most important benefit of strength training, in your opinion?

TheSupersaiyan: Whatever your goal is, getting strong is the first thing to do. Once you’re super strong, every doors are opened to you, you have no limit, this is the best benefit of strength training. It’s like school, once you get the best diploma, you can go where you want, here’s the same. Being strong will help you with everything even, if your goals are based on muscular endurance such as 50 pull up in a row. Being able to do one arm pull up will help towards this goal, but the reverse is not necessarily (so true! – Alex). Like doing planche push up will help you to do many regular push up easily, but someone able to do 200 push up will not have necessarily the strength to do a planche push up, and so on… Same about power, in order to be very powerful you need to be first super strong, P =fv.

Vass the SuperSaiyan Human FlagStrength is the key for everything (these are words of gold – Alex).

AZ: What are your thoughts on nutrition?

TheSupersaiyan: Well, not much, I always eat according to my hunger. I eat healthy, lot of fruits, vegetables. Meat at every meal, chicken, beef, pork, eggs, turkey etc… I only drink water and milk throughout the day, rarely fruit juices, I prefer to eat my fruits… I also eat everything like pizza, hamburgers, or any unhealthy food everyone likes, but it’s from time to time. I never deprive myself to eat anything. The only thing I care is to eat enough of protein per day, then I eat  the carbs according to my hunger. That’s it.

AZ: Are calisthenics popular in your country? Because here in Ukraine I see more and more people doing “Street Workout” stuff.

TheSupersaiyan: Well, not much for now, but it’s growing well. Lot of projects are in work. There is a competition called “King of Pull and Push”, this year was the second time, Zef and Hit were there. This is a famous competition now :) I could not go, but I’ll be there next time.

AZ: Some words of wisdom and advice for Rough Strength readers.

TheSupersaiyan: Think seriously about what you want the most. Do not train without goals. Set up goals and work hard to reach them. You can do everything you want, we are built the same way, it all depends on your motivation, dedication and rigor. There is no place for excuses, do not even try, it’s for cowards. As long as you keep believing in yourself, you’ll be unstoppable. The only barrier between you and your dreams is your determination to achieve them. Do not let anybody tell you who you are and what you can or can’t do. Your limits are in your mind, they don’t really exist, clean your mind of all these bad thoughts. It’s the first thing to do, it will stop you from doing anything in your life in whatever the area. Do not compare yourself to anybody else, it’s a waste of time, focus on your own progression and become better day after day. You can be better than many people, but if you can’t beat yourself, well, you waste your time… It’s the best way to stay motivated, take inspiration and motivation from other people, do not envy them. Also do not forget to enjoy your training, if you do not like what you do, you won’t go really far.

AZ: Ok, thank you for your time, Vass. It was very interesting to interview you. One last question: how people can find out more about you?

TheSupersaiyan: My facebook page:

YouTube page:

My website:

My books:

french page
english page

Well, that’s it. As always thanks for reading. Share, comment, subscribe.

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