Increase Your Strength with Double Progression

Arnold is the BestSo you’ve been training for some time. Some of it you have wasted because you were following “programs of champions” or other bodybuilding magazines’ crap. After realizing that you’re not getting anywhere or getting somewhere but not where you want to, you have decided to do it right finally. You have concentrated on training strength, you’ve made your diet right, you have finally started to see some progress in working weights as well as body composition. But after some time everything became harder and gaining strength is not that easy and fast as it was. You started thinking and analyzing…

That’s when you need more sophisticated approach. Why not make use of good old double progression?

What Is Double Progression?

When you progress just in one training variable (i.e. weight or reps, or sets etc.), ┬áit is single progression. Double progression, on the other hand, requires progressing in several parameters. Two, to be clear. You may even implement triple progression and more, but I want to concentrate on one variation of double progression I came up with lately. Why bother? When you will get to intermediate training stage, you’ll understand why. You won’t be able to progress in weight every training session. If you were able to do that, you would be squatting 500 kg in a year. That won’t happen. But you will be able to progress in other different training parameters like reps, sets, rest periods etc. That’s where double progression becomes really handy.

How to Implement Double Progression?

There are several ways to implement double progression in your training routine. In easy words, pick two training variables, set frames and progress in those frames. For example, you can do 3 sets of 6 reps in military press with 50 kg. Work up to 3 sets of 8 reps, then increase the weight to 52.5 kg the next session and start over with 3 sets of 6 reps. Two training variables: weight and reps. Everything else should remain constant. Frames: 6 to 8 reps.

Another example would be Rest-Pause training. For example, let’s use barbell deadlift. Pick a weight that is your 3RM and do 10 singles with it. Rest periods: 60 s. Work up to 10 singles with 10-second rest periods. Then increase weight and start over. Two training variables: weight and rest periods. Frames: 60 to 10 seconds rest periods.

Rough Strength Double Progression Solution

Of course, somebody has already come up with such method of progression. I’m not saying that it’s my invention. But who cares anyway (except geeks and nerds)? Important thing is that this approach works and works very well. Ok, so you pick an exercise, say, barbell squat. Pick a weight that is your 5-repetition maximum. Do 5 sets of 3 reps. Return in a week and do 4 sets of 4. Then, again in a week, return and do 3 sets of 5. Add weight and start over with 5 sets of 3. This way you really master the weight. You work with it for at least 3 training sessions. It may sound too slow, but in fact, it isn’t. You can’t gain strength much faster than that at intermediate level. Not going to happen. Besides, the steadier you build your strength the longer your current type of progression will work. Also, if you for some reason can’t get all the reps in all sets, don’t worry, work with this weight until you get all of them.

Increase Your Strength with Double ProgressionClosing Thoughts

So if you need some strength boost, take a better look at this double progression thing. Maybe it’s just the perfect solution you needed to progress further. Slow but steady. As always thanks for reading. Spread the knowledge and share this as much as possible. And don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment.

Play rough!

Alex Zinchenko

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5 thoughts on “Increase Your Strength with Double Progression

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  2. Gandefer

    Hi! I am giving your Rough Strenght double progression protocol a go, only with a slight twist on the rep range.
    Like: 6×4
    Starting with my 6 reps max, what would be your take on this?

  3. marcus

    Awesome! Your double progression system is definitely worth a try :) I’ve mentioned this in my latest article (hope that’s ok). I’ve just sent you an email to share the link. All the best!


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