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Heavy Kettlebells, Sandbags for Size, Burpees and More Q&A

Where to buy sandbag for working out?

Ultimate Sandbag by far is the leader on sandbag market. It has handles that makes it comfortable for different presses, cleans, rows, deadlifts, even snatches. You can check out my article about sandbags here. You can order one through this page or here. You can make your own sandbag if you read my article here.

Pyotr Krylov russian strongman

Check out my article on his life and lifting career here.

Best way to get ripped with kettlebells

Kettlebells will definitely help you in your pursuit of getting ripped. Pick exercises that involve whole body into action. In the other words most metabolically demanding exercises. Squats, Clean & Presses, Clean & Squats, Swings, Snatches. You can try pairing different exercises. For example, perform Swing, then Clean, then Clean & Press, then Snatch. It’s one rep. Also you can try interval training. Try 15:15 or 30:30 work/rest ratio. You can alternate your kettlebell exercises with jump rope. There is no best way. All ways are acceptable and effective. If you want to get ripped then focus on your diet at first place. Drink plenty of water. Eat less carbs. Eat less overall. Implement short rest intervals in your training. Getting ripped is more a matter of discipline than using kettlebells.

Full body routine to gain muscle


A1) Dips   5 x 5

A2) Pull-Ups   5 x 5

A3) Sandbag Zercher Squats   5 x 5

Perform all sets in circuit fashion. Start with weight/exercise you can handle for 7 reps. Master this weight/exercise for all 5 sets. Then add weight/progress to harder exercise.


A) Kettlebell Clean & Press   4 x 6

B) Sandbag Deadlift   4 x 6

Perform all sets in straight fashion. Start with weight you can handle for 8 reps. Master this weight for all 4 sets. Then add weight.


A1) Weighted Push-Ups   8 x 3

A2) Kettlebell One-Arm High Pull   8 x 3

A3) Pistols   8 x 3

Perform all sets in circuit fashion. Start with weight/exercise you can handle for 5 reps. Master this weight/exercise for all 8 sets. Then add weight/progress to harder exercise.

That’s it. Follow this routine, eat hard and you WILL gain muscle. Eat a lot of protein. Sleep at least 8 hours at night.

Sandbag shouldering

Check out my article here. There you will find all the answers.

20 rep deadlifts

Brutal stuff. You need guts of steel to mess with them. Prepare to puke, faint, sweat and grow like a weed. However, don’t mess with them for too long. You have only one lower back. Train wise.

What kettlebell to start with?

Ordinary men will do good with 16 kg (35 lbs) kettlebell. Strong ones will need 24 kg (53 lbs). I haven’t seen untrained men lift 32 kg (70 lbs).

Can you gain size with kettlebell?

Of course. The rules are the same but the implement is different. I believe that anyone who will master a pair of 32 kg kettlebells in all possible exercises will look at least pretty decent.

Are kettlebells harder to lift than dumbbells?

Yes. It’s all because of the off-axis center of gravity of the kettlebell.

Benefits heavy kettlebell training

Big muscles. Cannonball shoulders. You can read about them in detail in this article.

Convict Conditioning vs Starting Strength

Very different programs. You can gain strength with both. CC requires almost no equipment. SS is a bit easier to track. But SS doesn’t teach you to use your body.

Can you use kettlebells to do bicep curls?

Oh yeah. That’s how you can transform ordinary biceps exercise into evil biceps exercise. Kettlebell biceps curls are much harder. Prepare for fun.

What should a full body routine have?

Easy. Check out this article.

How many burpee exercises are there?

As many as your imagination allows. Check out this video:

How does burpee exercise help?

It’s, I guess, the most metabolically demanding exercise that you can perform with your bodyweight. It can boost your fat loss. Check out this post.

Can sandbags build muscle mass?

Hell yeah. Again, use the same principles as with the barbell and you will gain muscle.

Unilateral bodyweight exercises

The most spectacular ones are One-Arm Handstand, One-Arm Planche, One arm Chin-Up and One-Arm Front Lever, in my opinion.

How to equalize strength on both arms?

Use unilateral exercises. Check out my recent article on this theme.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more.

Play rough!

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2 thoughts on “Heavy Kettlebells, Sandbags for Size, Burpees and More Q&A

  1. Reinhard

    I love variety in training and I like the fact, how you embrace all the different ways to train. Very nice post. Just one comment about sandbags: You suggest using a sandbag with handles to make it more comfortable for certain lifts. But in your Sandbag post you use a basic bag with no handles. That’s actually how I thought a sandbag should be: not comfortable, but difficult and awkward to lift and handle. Not like a nice and balanced weight with a handle, but an unpredictable thing, that has no handles and challenges the grip and all the stabilisers. I only use the basic thing, that wants to slip out of your hands and you have to cling to it like hell.

    1. Alex Zinchenko Post author

      Both versions of the sandbag are acceptable. For example, you can’t do Snatch with no-handles sandbag. But Military Press, again, for example, can be done with both, and in some situations no-handles sandbag is superior.

      – Alex


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