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Things I’ve Learned in 2012

New Year PresentSo the 2012 year is over and gone forever. It was pretty tough. But a lot of good things happened either. The first thing I’ve learned (or just been reminded) is that there is no limit to human stupidity and naivety. There are apocalypses and different ends of the world almost every year. Sometimes several times per year. Why do all those sheepeople still believe that crap? I think, it’s because people are too lazy to think. Do you really believe that end of the world will come in one day or one hour? If you analyze that “prophecy” you’ll find out that the end of the world should have come due to displacement of the Earth’s axis (well, according to the “prophecy” I know). Think about it a bit. Do you really believe that such HUGE process is possible in one day? The Earth evolved during 4.54 billions of years. So that all is crap. And you shouldn’t believe it. I digress. Let’s get back to my theme for today. Continue reading

Importance of Individual Approach to Training and Nutrition

Arnold Says: "Stop Copying My Programs!"It seems pretty obvious that everybody on this planet is unique. Even when comparing them to their parents or other relatives. Everybody is different. Some people are right hand dominant, others – left hand. Some people are tall, some are short. Some people have fast metabolisms, some have slow. I can go on and on. Why am I writing this? Because all the people know they are different but still try to copy others (usually more successful ones) without even thinking. I see this all the time. I talk about this all the time. You can’t expect results from thoughtless copying of programs and training approaches. Or diet methods. Or anything. “Hey, that dude got pretty big from doing this program. I will definitely get big from doing it exactly”. Sorry to disappoint you but more chances that you won’t. Why? Again, because everybody is different. Or because that guy might have years of experience and tons of knowledge under his belt and he designed a program that takes into account his physiology, biomechanics, stress levels, spare time etc (in other words, that is individual for him). Or he may be lucky bastard with genetics that allow him to use all the crappy programs in the world and grow. Or something in between. Your program might not be unique but it definitely must be personalized for you. Continue reading

Rough Strength Birthday

Kim Kardashian birthday cakeHappy birthday, Rough Strength! It’s happy coincidence and yesterday was my birthday too.

There was a big healthy feast. Lots of absinthe, beers and pizzas. Tonight is more to come. That’s how we do it, Rough Strength style.

Thanks everybody for congratulations and support. This was very productive year. I hope next one will be even more productive and fun.

And here’s picture of sexy Kim Kardashian to boost some serious testosterone.

Play rough!

Alex Zinchenko

Things I’ve Learned in 2011

Happy New Year everybody! 2011 is over. 2012 is here. Now is the best time to review and summarize everything that happened to me regarding training, nutrition and other stuff in 2011. And happened a lot. 2011 year was full of experiments and learning. It had it’s own highs and lows. And that’s great in my opinion. I found out so much new stuff. Something worked, something not. I started Rough Strength blog with intention to share the knowledge of what is real training about. I can’t stand bullshit and shameless marketing and will always expose it anytime I can. Also I had several publications.

My Article in My Mad Methods Magazine

I’ve met different people, made new friends and connections, moved to another city etc. Anyway, it was year full of experience. So here we go. Continue reading

Rough Strength Is Online

Rough StrengthRough Strength Is Online

Welcome to the cradle of rough real-world strength and muscle.

If you are interested in obtaining rough strength, you should check this blog often as I will be posting no bullshit info on how to accomplish your goals as fast as humanly possible. This includes info on training, nutrition, restoration, videos, tips, new ideas, old-school solutions, reviews, random thoughts, recommended reading and much more

The main emphasis at this blog is put on getting incredibly strong and powerful with as less equipment as possible. In another words, on attaining strength roughly.

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Feel free to comment and discuss.

Stay tuned for more info. And to fuel interest, the next post will be on heavy sandbag training.

Play Rough!

Alex Zinchenko

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