Boost Your Fat Loss

Burpee Challenge: Boost Your Fat Loss

The summer is on and everybody takes their clothes off. It’s perfect time to show your precious guns and abz on the beach. It’s heaven for all those gym rats who were ‘pumping’ and ‘toning’ their skinny chicken muscles all winter and spring. But what about those people who were working hard in the gym but were following conventional bulking routine and became big and strong but fat? And what about people that just want to get in shape or to see finally their abz? I have simple and effective solution that will burn fat and will make you lean fast if you will be consistent enough. Read on.

Back to School

I don’t know what about you but in Ukrainian schools and colleges lessons of physical culture were very important. They could seem even brutal for some of you. Don’t you know that here in Ukraine every boy should perform 12 strict pull-ups to get an excellent mark? Not impressive? 8 reps would be considered as fail. No compromises.

So back in my school days our teachers liked to torture us with different bodyweight exercises. And one exercise were especially preferred by them. It was ‘burpee’. They liked to add different twists to it but the core-exercise remained unchanged.

So what is burpee? I’m not an exercise-terminology-geek so I leave it to those guys. In my understanding burpee is a bodyweight exercise where you stand then squat down then get in top push-up position then get again in bottom squat position and finally jump up. Exercise is very simple but very effective. It’s one of the most metabolically demanding exercises out there.

Here is nice video on how to do a burpee. Here are some my tips:

1. Keep your butt a bit lower. Your body should make a straight line at push-up position.

2. Move as fast as you can while using perfect technique.

3. Keep your feet together to make exercise a bit harder.

The Routine

Ok, so how can you use this information? Simple. I like to make everything unconventional and simple. That’s why it works. You will make your fat melt down by following the instructions below:

1. Everyone has different abilities. At first I’d like you to make a test of how many burpees you can perform with perfect form. If you are in excellent shape and you made more than 30 burpees then you can modify exercise to make it harder. You can add weighted vest or you can add your own little twist or both. Watch the video below to get some ideas.

If you did 10-30 burpees then you are in good shape and it’s the best range for this training protocol. If you did less than 5 burpees then remove jump from the last phase and simply stand up. If it doesn’t help then work on burpees for some time until you get 10. Then start the program.

2. Take 50% of your test number. If you made 20 burpees then it’s 10.

3. Start the next day after the test. Perform your 50% number of burpees every day. First week perform sets of 50% number every 3 hours. Second week – every 2 hours. Third week – every hour. Take fourth week off.

4. You can perform all the burpees in addition to your current routine.

Here’s an example of what should you do:

1. Joe made 20 burpees at test.

2. Next day after the test he began doing 10 burpees every 3 hours every day while awake.

3. Second week he made 10 burpees every 2 hours every day while awake.

4. Third week he made 10 burpees every hour every day while awake.

5. He took fourth week off to rest and to go to the beach to show his new lean physique (:

Closing thoughts

You will be totally amazed with results. But you also need to watch your diet. Eat clean food. Eat less. Concentrate on meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese. Drop drinking any liquid besides water and tea. Don’t eat cookies and sweets. Next thing is sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours at night and take a nap in the afternoon.

If you feel that this program is too hard for you then feel free to cut couple reps or take a day off.

That’s it. Now you have ready program to get lean and mean (: Oh, I almost forgot. The main benefit of this program that you don’t need to go to the gym to perform it. It requires no equipment and can be done everywhere anytime. So forget your excuses and go train! Let me know how this program worked for you through comments or e-mail

Stay tuned for more on rough training.

Play rough!

Alex Zinchenko

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13 thoughts on “Burpee Challenge: Boost Your Fat Loss

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  2. Aguiar

    Kind of hard to stop a surgery every 3h so I can perform burpees at the operating room

  3. Mark

    Hey, Good information Alex. I have a question. I’m a little disappointed in my abilities. I am in fair shape for a 45 year old. I have done yoga and some cardio for the past 4 months every day. So I want to add burpees to my routine ( daily I hope ). I have really long legs, and for me after I kick my legs out Im ok, but jumping my legs back in to finish the burpee is really hard on my lower back. I cannot even do it like shown in the video. This might be a combination of my long legs and weak back, i dunno. Is there any way to strengthen my body so that I will be able to do the proper burpee, because I feel if i do them at this point I will end up hurting my lower back.

    Thank you.

  4. Andy Edwards

    I have just turned 56,overweight,cant do burpees every 3 hours due to work,what can I do?


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