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Are you dreaming about mastering bodyweight strength skills like the Planche Push-Up or the One-Arm Chin-Up? Do you want to get strong or build muscle, or lose fat, or all of the above? Are you sick of all the bullshit training and nutrition advice out there? Well, then you’re in the right place, my friend.

Introduction to the Rough Strength Online Training

“There are hundreds and hundreds of online trainers who will promise you the world, and then mail you a bland, cookie-cutter routine that will do nothing to change your body or maximize your strength and power. Sadly, there are only a small handful of online trainers who truly understand how to tap the body’s potential to become ferociously powerful in the real world–without drugs. Alex Zinchenko is one of that elite latter group.

Alex knows what really works to build frightening levels of strength–not the kind of “plastic” strength that only works in the gym–but the kind of functional power prized so highly by professional fighters, law enforcement and the military. Whether you use bars, sandbags, kettlebells or just your body, Alex is one of the few personal trainers on the planet that I have ever endorsed. This is because he knows what really works.

It won’t be pretty–and I promise it won’t be easy–but if you want results, grab hold of this man to coach you, and do it while you still can. You will not regret it.”

– Paul John Wade, bestselling author of Convict Conditioning series.

Why Do You Need Coaching?

Whether you want to gain serious strength, build decent muscle, lose those “love handles”, or learn awesome skills like the Handstand, the Planche, or the One-Arm Chin-Up — it’s the smart programming that gets the job done.

Unfortunately, most trainees and fitness enthusiasts follow the programs that deliver zero results for them.

They typically make one of these two massive mistakes…

Mistake One – they follow a generic program.

Let’s face it, generic programs don’t work for the majority of people. They work only for a very limited amount of lucky bastards. Why? Because generic programs lack individuality. Who cares whether this program works for that guy or that girl? The only thing that matters is whether it works for YOU.

Generic programs don’t take into account your own strengths and weaknesses, your limitations, your physiological abilities, your conditions, nothing. Heck, you can sleep 2 hours less per day than is necessary for that particular program and get zero results.

Mistake Two – they make wrong adjustments to the program in the process.

Adjustments are bread and butter of the smart programming. It is the weekly fine-tuning that sustains the program’s effectiveness for weeks and even months.

Failing to adjust the training intensity, frequency and volume properly is a recipe for no results. Even the perfect program will not work if you screw up in this affair.

If your current routine is like 99.9% of the training programs out there, chances are you’re making one of these two critical mistakes. And if you are, it’s most likely costing you a lot in lost gains. Gains that could, and should, be acquired by you.

Good programming means the difference between getting no results from your training and getting all the results you’ve ever wanted.

Most trainees have no idea how to create an effective program.

And that’s understandable. You got into strength training so you could train. You got into it so you could get strong and powerful… NOT to write routines and test assumptions all day.

That’s where I come in.

What Is Rough Strength?

This video tells it better than 1000 words:

To sum up, the Rough Strength Method is the mix of classic old-school strength training and modern knowledge (the mix of all the things that REALLY WORK). The main point is that you can (and should) use anything you have at hand to get results. No need for gym memberships, no need for fancy clothes and gloves, no need to waste money on useless crap.

You can get strong, lose fat and build muscle with anything. My preference is the mix of calisthenics, kettlebells and sandbags. In my opinion, these implements can build a GREAT developed body that will perform at the high level and look awesome while not making your wallet thin.

Why Train Rough Strength Style?

There are literally TONS of reasons. Here is just a couple of them:

  • It’s sustainable. When you choose the Rough Strength Method you can sustain your training (and nutrition) for a lifetime.
  • It builds real-world strength: from helping your friend moving furniture to bar-fight toughness.
  • It builds mental toughness. You’ll find out that coping with stress is much easier.
  • It will help you with aesthetic goals. Who said that only barbell and dumbbells are good for getting ripped and muscular? It’s all possible to achieve with calisthenics, sandbags and kettlebells.
  • It can be used to supplement any sport-specific training. If you participate in some sort of sport, then you will definitely benefit from this method.
  • It’s based on facts and reasonable progressions.

All you need to get results are some basic equipment and the badass programming.

Why Me?

Because I’m just like you. I was there and done that all. I have average genetics. When I wasn’t training, I was probably the weakest and the fattest kid of all my friends. It’s hard for me to put on muscle and lose fat while losing muscle and gaining fat is unbelievably easy. My bones are not big. Yada, yada, yada. In 3 words: my genetics sucks. As well as probably yours.

But instead of complaining and looking for excuses, I put in hours of reading, training, testing assumptions, exploring Rough Strength Method and, importantly, hard work to get to the place where I am now. That is why I’m the best person to help you in reaching goals.

Whether to listen to me or not is your choice. But who would you rather listen to: the guy who earned his strength and body by hard work, infinite learning, smart programming, discipline and dedication or some pseudo-expert who has awesome genetics and no matter what he does, he grows, gets stronger, and is ripped from the day of birth?

Why the Hell My Programs Work?

Well, I can give you at least 10 reasons:

1. Firstly, I use YOUR current conditions during creation process. An optimal training program and diet plan should be tailored to your needs and restrictions as much as possible.

Everybody is different, and everybody requires individual programming. There is no point in performing “routines of champions” unless you have identical genetics and lifestyle (which is impossible). If you can’t perform a certain exercise due to physiology or trauma, there is no point in training it, no matter how important you think it is. There are tons of other exercises out there. If you sleep 5-6 hours per night, you can’t afford training twice-a-day. You get the idea.

There are lots of tiny aspects that seem unimportant at first glance, but when it comes to actual training, they can make a HUGE difference in terms of getting results. Every strength training program needs modification for YOUR current individual conditions. That’s what I’m doing in the first place.

2. I can use pretty much any equipment you have access to. If you don’t have access to modern gym equipment that’s not a problem for me. You can build an impressive upper body just with a pair of rings. For lower body, you will need some weights though. But it all really depends on your goal. Heck, that’s why it’s called Rough Strength! You can get strong with anything you have access to.

3. I’ll correct your technique. While we are working together, it’s mandatory for you to send me your training videos for technique review and to make adjustments (don’t worry, I’ll give you the instructions on how to do this pain-free). Technique is one of the most important things in your training. Correct technique pretty much equals (or at least gets as close as possible to) injury-free training.

4. You’ll have a FREE diet support. If you have some experience in training, then you should probably know that for the majority of people, training without diet is a dead end. Some of them will get stronger, but won’t get the appearance they are looking for; some of them won’t even get stronger. I clearly understand the importance of the proper diet and I’m ready to consult you on this subject so nothing will stop us from getting results.

5. Honesty. I’m here to help you get superstrong, and the path there lies through total honesty. Only I know what is better for you of us two. So listen and absorb. If I say something, then that’s how it is. I won’t give you fake hope. Training is hard work. And you will be aware of what you are capable to achieve.

6. I’ll review your results every week. It’s mandatory for you to send me your training journal every week. I will review and correct everything and then send you a program for the next training week. When someone is monitoring your activity there is natural human drive to improve and perform better. Try it and you’ll understand.

7. Workouts are fun and challenging. Boring training is a dead end. No one wants to do something boring. My workouts are always fun. And they are fun due to the constant challenge. You’ll feel like a million bucks or more when you conquer the new weight or new exercise.

8. My programs are well-balanced. If you expect to bench-and-curl 7 days a week, it’s pity. But if you’re serious about results, you need a strength training program that takes your WHOLE body into account.

9. Full-time support. You can write me and e-mail with a question at any time to I’ll answer as fast as possible.

10. My programs worked successfully for my clients and they WILL work for you.

Here Is What People Say about My Services

Steve Reiners, USA

“The reason why I came to Rough Strength was that i was seeking for a good site of old school no BS Training. I firstly trained in gym with no reasonable gains and then in home gym were i made some gains up to a point. Then I made no longer gains and were sore and stiff all over. I noticed that when i did bodyweight exercises i felt much better but i had already some strength in squats and deadlifts and so i was thinking to combine bodyweight and barbell work. An of course i wanted to learn handbalancing. I needed some guidance. That´s why i came to Rough Strength. I think gyms are for the past, you don´t need a gym, you only need some willpower and a good trainer who brings you on the right path. Here´s one of the best. Alex Zinchenko is a coach who walks the talk. He can do everything what he is preaching in contrast to the countless pseudo trainers out there. He´s a training badass but also a friendly and helpful guy. My strength especially in bodyweigth exercises has going way up and i can hold a freestanding handstand now. It´s not perfect, but I´m not at the end now and i know this guy will help me some more with my goals. Join rough strength now and get the gains in strength and athletic that you desire! But you must be willing to put some effort in. I have, and for me it has really payed off. Thank you Alex.”

Valentin Stubinger, Austria

“Hello everyone

My name is Konstantinos, I am 29 years old and I am from Greece. I would like to share with you my experience training with Alex so far.

This is my 15th week of training with Alex and I have made impressive strength and weight gains! When I started training, I explained Alex that I would like to increase my overall strength and increase my weight as well while doing it.

I have only access to a gym, I only workout 5 days a week and 2 of them are skill days, which means I am training to learn cool strength-building skills as Handstand and Front lever. The rest 3 are days were I mostly workout with barbells and weighted body-weight exercises like dips, pull ups etc..

I don’t spend more than 1 hour per day training

At the end of each training week, I send him my results of my training (reps and sets of each exercise in my training program and he updates it accordingly). I have kept all my training results since day 1, so I can see one day where I was when I started and where I am now!

These are some of my results so far:

  • I am 1.98m tall and I was weighting 83kg, right now I am at 89kg.
  • I increased my bench press from doing  3 sets of  6 reps with 55KG to 3 sets of 3 reps with 80kg.That’s a big difference, I use pretty much the old working out set (55KG)  as a warm up weight now!
  • Increase of my Wall-assisted Handstand from 30 sec to 60sec and I am very close achieving the free standing Handstand!

Alex guided me and corrected my form in most of the exercises which is very crucial. The sooner you learn, the better your gains will be, minimizing the risk of injuring yourself when the training weight will increase.

Through Drop Box I was sending videos of me performing exercises to him (for example deadlift) and he was sending me feedback and screenshots of myself and how my form should be like! This will keep on going, until good form is achieved (there is no such thing as perfect form, it can always be improved).

Every time I have a question about my training, I just shoot him an email he always gets back to me within 24 hours, which is nice, because it makes you feel that he cares and your training is a serious matter to him.

What I also like when training with Alex is all the knowledge I gain about structured strength training, progressive resistance, my body, how it works, what my body likes and what not.

Check out his site and read all those articles, all that information is priceless. He is open minded in different training methods, as we all share the same goal, get stronger. How we get there is up to us, our means, the time and effort we want to put into that goal.

All you have to do is give Alex all that information; he will put together all those different variables and come up with a good training plan that will work for you. What I have noticed is that the more you train with Alex, the more both of you learn your body and you can work together to make your training even more effective!

Everyone can benefit from Training with Alex because of his experience working out with Body weight, weighted calisthenics, barbells, sand bags, kettle bells, you name it he has probably done it.

As you can see training with Alex is awesome and his services are offered at a very reasonable price.

If you train for 3 or 6 moths that price get even better.

From the 1st month you will feel stronger and you will also see that in your training results, which motivates you even more to go on!

If you want to improve the way your body looks then you must give it a bit more time, since muscle building takes time, so take a picture of yourself when you started working out with him and one  3 months after, I am sure you will see difference.

Whatever your goals are, if you invest some time and effort to it, I am 100% sure that Alex will help you get there  in the fastest and most fun way ( hand stand for the win ), because after all training must be fun.

That’s all from me; I hope you all succeed in your goals, whatever these are and don’t give up!

Happy training!



Konstantinos Deligiannis, Greece

I would like to thank you for the past 12 weeks, having a second perspective and a coach to guide me has helped me more than I initially thought it would. In addition, your no-nonsense focus and emphasis on using basic principles to achieve advanced goals has helped me see the light and to cut out a lot of the bullshit methodologies and advice that is far too common nowadays. I have achieved many of the goals we initially set out to achieve, and are close to achieving others. Furthermore, you are very timely, detailed and experienced, and have always maintained an excellent balance of both a professional and friendly relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others and I sincerely hope your website and business continue to educate and grow.

John Cichello, Australia

“I started working with Alex in early 2014. His depth of knowledge and expertise enabled me to progress my strength training exponentially. When I began his Rough Strength program I had never done a hand stand before nor could I do 1 proper chin-up. 6 months later I could do 45 second handstands and multiple weighted chin-ups. Alex has opened my eyes to what my body is capable of through a proper training regimen. I could not be happier with the Rough Strength program and am so grateful to have had his experience guide me.”

Cory Anderson, Australia

“My name is Gabriel, from London, England. I have a background in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting as well as some experience in progressive calisthenics (I have used the Convict Conditioning system to maintain strength during times I wasn’t able to do barbell strength training.) In the last year or so, due to marriage, a new job and the birth of my baby boy, I had to retire from the iron game and fell back on calisthenics as my main form of strength training, which gives me the flexibility of being able to train at home, making it easier to spend time with my wife and son. I soon came to a point where my training was going nowhere and progress and motivation were lacking in my training. I had just been following some of the workouts recommended in the Convict Conditioning books without giving proper programming any serious thought. Things were going this way until I came across Alex’s site, and I decided to give his Online Training a shot. Thanks to his smart programming (tailored to my age, body type and recovery abilities) I have managed to push myself to a new limit, gaining awesome strength and muscle in the process. Alex’s support, feedback and expertise are priceless. After 3 months of Rough Strength-style training and intermittent fasting, I’m the leanest and strongest I have ever been, and I am in the process of learning some cool skills! Thank you, Alex!”

Gabriel Galeano, UK

“Before I started training with Alex @roughstrength I had no idea, well I had some (ideas) but they lacked structure and depth and I ran the risk of injury and set back.  My goal was and is to achieve a human flag and what I needed was someone to help me with the correct programming, regressions and progressions in what is a very complicated area of bodyweight training. Alex gave me that structure, the right programme and method that was bespoke to my situation – no cookie cutter programming here, meaning I could progress quickly or slowly that was right for me. He has kept me constantly challenged whilst continually progressing within my limits. He has a vast array of knowledge in the roughstrength domain and I am very privileged to say that I am  a beneficiary of this as one of his clients. My journey towards the human flag continues and along the way I am discovering lots about my body and exposing it to new movements and training that I haven’t experienced in 30yrs plus of training (well I am 42 years young!) The revolution continues. Thanks Alex”

Ben Jobson, Australia

“When I came first time to gym in February 2012, my weight was 83,3 kilos, and I was determined to loose my fat. If you tell me that time about dips or about pull-ups – I’d say “What?” But when I started to train with Alex program I saw the changes, it was hard and exhausted, but I reached the goal. I started to loose weight. Not so fast as I thought it gonna be, but I was loosing it and it was super. In 3 month mastered bars, in 5 pull-ups, in 6 month bars with overweight. Each time when the progress began to stop Alex was creating a new program so I could improve myself: my body and my strength. The main part was the diet. I’ve lost 13 kilos, in September 2012 my weight was 70,5 kg, than I began to gain weight now I’m 75 kg. I became stronger than many of my friends and other guys in gym. And if you ask me about dips- ok, and give me 20 kg over, squat- good 95 kg, barbell- 62 kg, dumbbells- 30 kg in each hand, powerclean- 50 kg and it’s not the limit. Still I have a few pounds of waste fat, but it will be lost soon. I like my look and I’ll work to look much better. Now we got the new workout program and new diet so my data increases much faster. Thanks to Alex I’m reaching the goal.”

Roma Wan, Ukraine

“My name is Bogdan, height 186 cm, initial weight – 63 kg. I came into the gym to have a set of muscle. A year of training with Alex has passed, now – height 186 cm, weight – 77 kg. A year ago, I came into the gym and for a reason chose coach Alex, as it turned out, this was a right choice! And so we began training with him, change could be seen so soon, I couldn’t believe that it happens and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Workout with Alex runs very cool and it isn’t noticeable, that you are training hard, he instilled in me a love for workout, I wanted to do more and more, perfecting myself, my capabilities and my body! This is not just a workout, it’s more challenge in which you are going to win it yourself, Alex makes workout not boring, efficient and fun! Alex has very reasonable approach to the training program, thanks to the vast experience he easily sees the problem and solves their in training programs in order to avoid stagnation. Created impression that he knows my body better than I do! Now, about the results, starting weight – 12.5 kg dumbbell bench for 6 times, squatting 20 kg to 5 times, deadlift – ??. Current weight – bench press – 75 kg 4 times, squatting 95 kg at 6 times, deadlift 132.5 kg for 4 times! I am pleased with these results and will continue work on it together with Alex and I advise you to select him as your mentor! Thanks to Alex I’m reaching the goal.”

Bogdan Felinskyi, Ukraine

Jake Booth, USA

“Hi! My name is Aleks as well as my coach. I won’t boast about my physical achievements although I have lost about 15 kg of my weight for six months of workouts with Alex. But I have been working with Alex for more than one year and thanks to him I understood a few principally important things regarding mental and physical opportunities in our life. And here I would like to empathize some of them: 1. You can’t achieve the consistent good results in short time. 2. The progress can be slow but it must be constant. 3. If you want to control your weight you should combine the physical workouts with diet. 4. The food should be controlled not only through the calories quantity but as well it’s structure (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). 5. Every time when you stop training you begin to lose your previous achievements. 6. You should always make a progress (increase the workload) otherwise you waste your time. But it’s really hard to do it without trainer. Alex is very good in determining of physical limits of your clients. He sees the chances to cope with an exercise very well although the required workload seems to you impossible often. 7. And the last, doing the exercises you release yourself from the negative emotions and energies, make your brain free from a mental rubbish, give your thoughts the structure, logic and perfection. Alex is the ambitious multilateral developed young man with the appropriate background and education. He is listening to his clients and their needs and he responds to them very responsibly and effectively. Who knows, but in only a few years his services and consultations can be more expensive significantly…”

Aleks Bedun, Ukraine

“I’ve been working with Alex for 11 weeks now, and I’ve been very pleased with the experience.  One thing stands out very clearly: he is very professional and takes the job very seriously.  My routine is to send the log and videos of my previous week’s workouts to Alex on Monday.  In 11 weeks he has never failed to respond with comments and a new workout within half a day.  This is obviously very important to maintaining a consistent program.  He is very responsive to email questions at random times during the week as well.  My goals with Alex have been to achieve a freestanding handstand pushup and (longer term) a one-armed chinup.  His programming for me has been clearly focused towards these goals, but embedded in a well-rounded, full-body training program.  I’ve hit new PRs (personal records) with weighted pistol squats, and chest-to-wall handstand pushups, and I’m getting very close with bench press, deadlifts, and weighted chinups.  Working with Alex has been a lot of fun and very productive, and I highly recommend Alex for personal training and programming.”

David Rosenberg, USA

So What Will You Get?

When you sign up, you will get:

  • High-quality personal training
  • Precise and effective programming according to YOUR goals and conditions
  • Review of your technique
  • Weekly tips on the execution of the program and technique
  • Solid diet advice
  • Access to always-up-to-date knowledge
  • Full-time support through the e-mail and skype
  • Awesomeness

How Does It All Work?

The process is very simple. I’ll do all the dirty work for you.

The first step is to submit the answers to the Rough Strength Questionnaire below.

If we are a good fit, I will send you further instructions and pricing options. Why don’t I include pricing on this page? As my services are unique for every client due to different conditions and difficulty of the task, the pricing is also individual.

Once I receive the payment, it will take me up to 5 days to create an initial plan. It is mandatory that you take this time completely off. Yes, no training, just rest. The smart programming is sensitive to recovery, you should know that. To receive truthful data, you’ll need to start fresh.

Once I create the training program, I’ll send it to you. It will be a MS Word document with the exact training days, exercises, sets, reps and weight/intensity. You should complete it AS IS. If you change something, I will receive wrong data and won’t be able to analyze it. That’s why no changes are allowed.

You goal will be to complete this training week, fill the MS Word with results you get, and send it back to me for review. Additionally, I require you to film at least one set of every exercise you perform throughout the week. This will help me to review your technique.

To exchange files, we will use DropBox, GoogleDrive, or SkyDrive services. If you do not know what it is, do not worry. They are ultra-easy to use.

In the end of the week, I will review your results and adjust the program according to them. Then I will send you the adjusted file, and we will continue training in this fashion.

It is simple and effective.

Finally, I Should Warn You That Rough Strength Is Not for Everyone

Be prepared for a refusal. I don’t want to waste my time as well as yours. You see, I need to be selective when it comes to taking on clients due to time constraints and personal values and preferences.

If you are not serious about getting results – stop reading. I don’t want to work with you.

If you are scared to work hard – stop reading. There is no point in taking further steps.

If you are looking for a 2-4-week solution – stop reading. Getting strong will take much longer and you will fail with such an attitude.

If you want to remain weak and puny – stop reading forever and never come back.

For all the real trainees who are willing to improve – fill the questionnaire below to find out whether we are a good fit.

Rough Strength Questionnaire

What’s Next?

It will take me several days to review a questionnaire, and if I am able to help you, I will send you an e-mail with further instructions.

If you are serious about achieving your training goals, let’s start today! Just fill the questionnaire above. I look forward to hearing from you.

Questions & Answers

Q: What if I want to use other implements, not just bodyweight, kettlebells and sandbags?

A: No problem. I can make an effective training plan with any equipment you have access to.

Q: Do you make everybody do that intermittent fasting thing?

A: No. Just those who are suitable or were behaving bad throughout the year.

Q: What payments do you accept?

A: Currently I accept payments through only through Western Union. Nevertheless, we can work something out if I’m in mood.

Q: Why not PayPal? It’s so awesome.

A: I live in Ukraine. All the people outside of the country to the west think that we have only mafia, strippers and thieves here. So despite its awesomeness, PayPal doesn’t work here.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: No refunds. Take it or leave it. I put in a lot of hard work and cannot do it for free.

Q: Do you take ladies to your online coaching program?

A: Yes. Ladies are always welcome.

Q: I’d like to sign up but I don’t know whether to do it or not. What should I do?

A: You should stop bothering me and find someone else to wipe your ass.

Q: Is it true that all Ukrainians drink vodka, wrestle bears and eat borsch all day long?

A: Yes.

Don’t waste another year failing to reach fitness and happiness. One year from now you will be sorry that you haven’t started today. You are the only person who is responsible for your health. People spend money on everything except their health. Don’t be one of those people who always find excuses. Make the most important investment in your life. Treat your body with respect and reap the tremendous benefits.

The Results of Rough Strength Training

Play rough!

Alex Zinchenko

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