Are You Too Old for Strength Training?

Are You Old for Strength Training?As you all can read I decided to devote today’s post to excuses. It’s like a plague. Like a disease. It seems like more and more people today get infected. You can see and hear it everywhere. “I’m too old”, “I’m too tall”, “I’m too skinny”, “I’m too fat”, “I have wide bones”, “I have long limbs”, “I have bad genetics”, “It’s wrong lunar phase”, “I don’t have time for training”, “I can’t afford good diet“, “I can’t sleep 8 hours per day”, well, enough. You got my point. Sometimes it seems that people spend more time on creating excuses than on actually doing something. I’d like to repeat myself one more time.

Stop Making Excuses

Again, stop making excuses once and for all. If you want your life to change then do something, give it pretty good reason to change. If you are tired of being weak skinny fat maggot then change it. Your situation won’t change by itself. Life doesn’t work that way. You need to demand things from life. In other case you risk to wait for things to change forever. Just imagine, you’re going to die in couple of days and you’ve just understood that all your life was just a wait for nothing. Pretty dark picture, right? How to avoid this situation? Do something, right now.

So Are You Too Old for Strength Training?

No. Period. Dave Draper (pictured above) doesn’t care about his age. He trains and looks awesome as well as performs. And so should you. It’s never too late to exercise, as well as it’s never too late to change your life. Start training. You need not much except the strong burning desire. Thanks to Rough Strength you have all the “keys”, all the information you’ll ever need on how to train and eat. You can train strength just with your bodyweight. No gym memberships, almost no equipment (except some floor space, wall and sturdy tree branch or overhead pipe), just your body. Do some push-ups right now. Of course, you won’t break world records, but you’ll be able to gain decent amount of strength (remember John Grimek?), build some muscle, lose fat, stay healthy, live longer and be awesome. It’s definitely better than what you are now. Just watch the video of this guy:

I think, muscle-ups in his age are nothing but awesome.

Closing Thoughts

Fuck excuses! Make things happen. Start right now. How much time do you have? The answer is much less than you expect. Don’t waste your most precious resource. Go reach your dreams. Thanks for reading. If you’re awesome then like and share. Spread the knowledge.

Play rough!


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